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These 5 Step Can Save You Money While Importing Goods by Air

If there is one thing to look up to when importing goods to Nigeria especially air freight shipping, it is with having to consider every way how to save money importing by air. To achieve this, you’re required to challenge the status quo by taking advantage of all available solutions, no one stone left unturned. Experience has taught us that mistakes, if not avoided can cost the importer or exporter more.

The high cost of air freight shipping is one, among many factors, capable of having an adverse effect on the overall profit margin of imported goods. This is one reason to take every possible step in avoiding expensive shipping.

Shipping cost is a scary factor for importers, especially when importing goods by air. Airliner operator charges goods according to the weight of the items on the scale. The measured weight of the goods is what the importers will pay for. The chargeable weight by the airliner can either be in kilogram or pound depending on the country of origin.

With the suggestions in today’s post, we streamlined the solutions to a few ‘hard-to-do-without’ solutions that can help you save money while importing by air freight shipping.


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Maximize proper packaging efficiency

Badly packaged consignments can increase the shipping cost of air shipping of the goods. You need to know that when volumetric weight is great than the actual weight of the goods, the airliner may decide to use volumetric weight to determine the cost of shipping rather than the actual.

Let’s say, for instance, if an importer has 3 packages of the same weight to import, more space will be occupied if imported separately, unlike when merged as one.

Volumetric weight is the formula calculated as Length x Width x Height divided by 6000. This is the formula used to ascertain the space an item is likely to occupy in the cargo.

If goods are properly packed, the volumetric weight may be prevented from exceeding the actual weight.

Ultimately, the weight of the shipping item should be considered vital as it determines the cost of air shipping the goods.


Reducing Customs delays to Avoid Fines

You don’t want to incur fines in the course of shipping by air.

So, therefore, don’t delay customs. It is best practice to ensure a clear label on products is made, proper packaging and correct paperwork. With these put in place, you would definitely be preventing huge fines that can lead to an increase in expenses while shipping internationally.


Use consolidation to handle smaller shipments

A retailed Air consolidation is inarguably an essential option.  air freight shippingIt simply provides an opportunity to combine your Less Than Container Load shipments with other nearby importers shipping to the same location, with same mass retailers. Everyone wins here.

In this arrangement, you only pay your share of a reduced shipping cost to ship your goods via air freight.


Consider Sea Freight Shipping

Well, sea freight shipping may be a good alternative, but not the best if you are looking at the fast delivery. Airfreight shipping, no doubt, is a faster mode of transportation. While sea freight shipping may linger for almost two months to get to the port of destination, shipments moved by air arrive within 3 to 7 days.

However, sea freight is over 70% cheaper and could be an alternative to help reduce the cost of shipping in order to maximize profit on imported goods.

Meanwhile, if you are bent on shipping via air, maintain other methods to reduce cost and not this.


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Engaging the services of Freight Forwarding Company

You saw it right, you definitely need the services of a qualified freight forwarder. In our opinion, this is best over other options. It’s so because, with the professionals, you’re bound to have all your worries shouldered and all mistakes voided by an able company.

Freight Forwarder understands the best shipping company to use in order to air freight shippingmaximize profit for the importer. They also understand the various documents required for customs clearing. It always depends on the quantity of the items with weight. One of the aspects that freight forwarder can assist is in the area of packaging.

BowaGate Global has got a highly discounted rate for you if you are thinking of shipping within the yuletide period. We know you would need real-time assistance on how to save money importing by air. On this note, we have our lines open so you can talk to a freight expert to further assist you.

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