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The main point on Air Freight Shipping

In one of our previous posts, we already shared with you the 4 shipping or transport mode available, which include Sea, Air, Road, Railway.

Actually, the four of them come loaded with a lot of benefits as well as drawbacks. 

Individual preferences cannot be underestimated, especially going by your type of business involvement and urgency level among other reasons. 

This subject interests us because Air Freight Shipping is one of our major lines of expertise. At Bowagate Global, we offer cheap (i.e. affordable), fast and reliable Air Freight shipping services. 

At best we provide hassle-free logistics services and consider our customers’ urgent needs as a top priority. This is regardless of the fact that Air Freight shipping is relatively expensive compared to the other shipping mode.


What Air Freight Shipping really means

As the name implies, Air Freight Shipping is a shipping service for air transport of goods. Air cargo is used by global importers and exporters when they need to get goods somewhere rapidly and reliably.

Sea shipping is simply the transportation of goods by Sea via Ship. While Road Freight Shipping is shipping mode by road via Truck, and Rail freight runs using the railing system, via Train.

You might already know, Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments.

Are the disadvantages really enough to weigh out on the advantages? What are the other (common) reasons for using Air Freight?

The Disadvantages of Air Freight shipping

Without the touch on the drawbacks of air freight shipping, the benefits of air freight shipping cannot be treated objectively.

Airfreight shipping unequivocally comes at a high cost. It has limited carrying capacity and it selects shipments as it is unfit for some specific products. Lastly, it also depends on weather conditions to fly.


Why Air Freight Shipping is Considered Best Alternative

It is the fastest shipping Method

Besides cheap and reliable services as is our culture at Bowa Gate Global, fast or swift delivery processing is essential to our business. So, air freight shipping is the best solution, when your goods need to be moved quickly or urgently.

You cannot separate air freight and speed. They go hand in hand. Some air freight can ship a package in 1 – 2 days, while the same delivery by sea could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days or even more.

why air shipping

Which would you rather go for? Do you have a different view? Kindly tell us via the comment box right below this post. 

Based on the unbiased opinion, taking out the high cost of shipping, we readily recommend air freight shipping mode of transportation over other modes. 


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It has High Reliability on Arrival and Departure Time

There are one too many factors to weigh when considering shipping. One of such factors is time. 

When it comes to arrival and departure time, Air freight is highly reliable,  unlike other shipping methods. This is one single reason why postal service companies guarantee overnight delivery using air freight.

We all know that airlines always tend to be on top of their schedules. So, flight arrivals and departures are highly reliable, much more reliable than other transport modes, in this regard. Flights do not have issues with departing hours except on extraordinary emergency cases. 


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It guarantees the superior condition of goods upon arrival

Shipping damage may destroy a company’s brand image. During shipping, product damage is not a new thing. 

Some of the popular causes of damage to shipments before or on arrival are Vibration, Impact of hard stuff on the rather soft packages, Moisture, Dust, Temperature or humidity, Poor handling, Wrong packaging, etc. These forms of damages are common in both sea and road freight. Of what use is it to have your consignments all defaced upon arrival?

why air shipping

 Air Freight guarantees the good condition of your goods upon arrival and poses a better alternative to Sea, Road and Rail mode of transportation. Airfreight shipping is considered preferred for this reason.


Large Savings due to Low air cargo insurance premium

why air shipping

In Freight shipping, the longer the transportation time, the higher the cargo insurance premium.

Consequently, the time for air cargo is comparatively short, and so is the insurance premium lower. 

Although air freight can be inarguably expensive, there are, however, large savings in the area of insurance premium costs. 


According to investopedia, on air cargo insurance premium, it is a type of policy that protects a buyer or seller of goods being transported through the air.” 

“It reimburses the insured for items that are damaged, destroyed or lost. Some insurance companies offer cargo insurance directly, as do several freight forwarders and trade-service intermediaries.”

“The amount of coverage and deductible required for air cargo insurance varies based on the goods, as well as the individual provider.” — Investopedia.


Your Cargo can be Sent Almost Anywhere in the World

Unlike the other modes of freight transportation, Air Cargo can package shipments to a large network of the destination, in fact nearly every destination.

In recent record, Air Cargo covers about 300 destinations of the world, though this depends solely on the availability of standard runways. Sea freight can’t drive on land and land freight can’t swim, neither can both fly. 

From every indication, we can categorically agree that there are no limitations to which air freight may be barred from soaring.


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There is a high level of Security and Reduced Risk of theft and damage

A tightly managed airport controls help reduce the exposure of cargo to theft. The airport safety controls come with top-notch tight management stages and due processes followed to the letter. So,  unlike other modes of transportation, shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security.


Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock

Challenges of local warehousing are totally avoided when it comes to Air Freight shipping. This is so, singularly because of the quicker times of air freight. 

The concept of local warehousing covers keeping items in stock, and here, there is absolutely no point keeping stocks with air freight.


Less packaging required with smaller and lighter items

While other shipping alternatives, particularly Sea freight, determine their rates by sizes, air shipments rarely do so. Air Cargo requires less size and less heavy packing. This, consequently, reduces freight rates because the shipments may be less-than-truckload and low weight. This is where it makes more meaning to consider air freight. 

Normally, air shipments require less heavy packing than Sea. The lighter the weight of the shipment, the better the effect of it on the packaging. It is less risky as it is stable, steady and requiring companies to use less packaging to protect their cargo. This means that you save time and money to provide service for additional packing.

Customs clearance, cargo inspection, and cargo handlers are more efficient with Air Freight shipping, as most cargoes are cleared within a matter of hours.

Which would you prefer?


Now we have seen some of our few reasons why air freight shipping is greatly preferred than other modes of transporting goods to and fro the country. In considering any of the various modes of air shipping, you would require the service of reliable freight forwarders to help you determine which is best to save money.


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