Have you got  wheeled or rolling cargo you’d wish to move down to Nigeria? Or ever been caught in thought about the easy medium available to ship your heavy wheeled freights to your destination?

Ever wondered about any reliable go-to freight forwarders involved in RoRo Freight shipping to Nigeria?

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In this post we will assume that you are simply oblivion of where to go from this point. Especially when you are looking out for a cheap, fast and reliable freight forwarders to transport your wheeled cargo to Nigeria.


Why Being Particular about RoRo Freight Shipping to Nigeria

We have decided to share with you what RoRo Freight Shipping is, as much as it relates to freight shipping to Nigeria.

In one simple step, you can discover best way to transport your cargo to Nigeria from anywhere. You can ship from the USA, China, and from Europe, using the best available freight forwarders. 

Firstly, let’s debunk some wrong notions about RoRo Freight Shipping to Nigeria.

There are some widely-held belief that RoRo can only be adopted in transportation of only cars. Another mythical claim is that RoRo can’t handle bulky cargo, or that container shipping of cargo is safer than RoRo. 

Are these really true, compared to what we have in real sense based on our long years of experience in freight shipping to Nigeria.

In this post, we’d be shedding lights on several dark spots. It will be eye-opening. We believe this would be benefiting to your journey as producers, manufacturers, industry leaders. 

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The above myths are found to be absolutely false. RoRo freight shipping, on the contrary,  carries much more advantages. 


So now, What is RoRo Freight Shipping?

Ro-Ro is an acronym used for Roll on-Roll off. It is a preferred method for globally shipping or transporting wheeled cargo. This method is more cost-effective than shipping container.

As a fact, It is an alternative shipping method for LoLo (lift on-Lift off). RoRo freight can be shipped via ships, planes, and trains.

This is in contrast to lift-on, lift-off (LOLO) vessels, which use a crane to load and unload cargo.

This shipping method is lucratively the most popular method of shipping wheel cargo like cars, trucks, train parts. It can also be used to transport heavy load equipment/machinery and wheeless vehicles, such as boats, light aircraft, helicopters, etc. This further debunk the myth that RoRo can’t handle bulky or heavy cargo. 

In fact, RoRo shipping is often the only viable method of sea freight transportation for all oversized vehicles, as they may not fit in standard containers. The method is known for its use for freight which cannot accommodate a standard ISO container. 

As the name implies, freight (shipping item) are either driven on and off the vessel under its own power (by driving itself to the ship, plane or train), or loaded onto a pallet, then moved to the ship hold, via a tractor.

roro freight shipping

Example of a RoRo Freight Shipping

Why RoRo is a Preferred Alternative of LoLo and Shipping Container

  1. The ISO Shipping Container is not suitable for shipping heavy or wheeled cargo.

A standard ISO shipping container is 8ft (2.43m) wide, 8.5ft (2.59m) high and come in two lengths; 20ft (6.06m) and 40ft (12.2m). Extra tall shipping containers called high-cube containers are available at 9.5ft (2.89m) high. 

A standard ISO shipping container is used strictly for intermodal transportation of freight. It is not suitably sized enough for heavy cargoes.

The container method of transporting freight is also not the best alternative for shipping wheeled cargo because it is rather expensive.

However, while it is true that RoRo vessels do transport cars, trucks and other heavy rolling equipment, they’re obviously able to transport so much more. It is alright to explore RoRo freight shipping as it really is a great shipping option for wheeled vehicles. This explains why it is the reliable means for a RoRo Freight Shipping.

When it comes to handling high, heavy and long loads, industries like power, machinery, rail and aviation regularly take advantage of RoRo’s breakbulk shipping capabilities.


  1. RoRo Freight Shipping is Cheap, Safe, Reliable and Popular

One of the reasons why RoRo freight shipping is so popular and common is because it is the cheapest means to transport wheel cargo to Nigeria.

Besides being a cheap option when shipping vehicles to Nigeria, it is easy to load and unload. 


How to Ship Freight by RoRo and Deliver Faultlessly

Professionally trained drivers are hired to ensure that vehicles are driven safely on and off the vessel. The vehicles are strapped to various lashing or fastening points when on-boarded from the vessel. They are fastened 2 at the back and 1 on the front of the vehicle. See image below for example.

RoRo Freight Shipping to Nigeria

Moreover, in order to ensure the straps are properly tightened throughout the voyage, professional cargo handlers do proper checking.

This will definitely ensure a safe delivery into the overseas port without damage. 

You don’t want to fall prey of fake operators in the guise of handling your consignments. You must be careful when seeking the service of reliable freight forwarders.

Be on the lookout for Registered, reliable and reachable freight forwarders. Also understand everything about mode of shipping to avoid errors with RoRo freight shipping to Nigeria.


Find out which Freight Shipping Mode of Transport is Considered best Alternative.


Can you Load items of Personal effects in Vehicles to be shipped

Our numerous valuable customers within Nigeria and Overseas have asked this question several times. The fact is that this depends on a lot of factors. Where you would like to ship your vehicles, is just one of such factors. Every country have got limitations, and rules too. 

Sometimes, RoRo operators all items of personal interests on their vessels. There are however so many that do not allow this, for one reason.  The risk coming from illegal movements,  misinformation or non disclosure of details. A few others may however, have all hands in to help. 

In our case, we usually advise our clients to declare to us in advance, when they need their personal items shipped within their vehicles. This is to enable us have proper information as well as relate appropriately with the Customs.

Contact us for more details HERE.


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