Right now, you are probably wondering about how to get that shipment down from your shipping country or location to your doorstep in Nigeria. Just maybe you are in search of a good knowledge of Logistics Business, particularly how Door-to-Door Cargo delivery service works.  

Door-to-Door Cargo Delivery Service

Courier Delivery Service

First, this post is not about Door-to-Door Courier Services. It is strictly about Door-to-Door Cargo Delivery Services.

Now the word ‘to my doorstep’ or ‘Door-to-door service’ creeps in and you are beginning to look out for a service company that can deliver those shipments to your doorpost or warehouse, whichever one fits. 


In the Freight forwarding industry, there are lots of terms that require digging deep to understand the concepts of shipping. 

The idea of door-to-door cargo delivery service is just one of those terms.

Have you ever heard about door-to-door delivery services? Do you want to understand its in-depth meaning and the various processes? Or you are probably searching for a reliable logistics company that can shoulder your cargo delivery service?

Search no more! This is why we have this post now.


What is ‘Door to Door Cargo Delivery Service’?

From the word ‘Door-to-Door’, it simply denotes the physical movement of goods from the point of pickup to end-user. As defined by UPS, the meaning also transcends to the name of the service provided, for example, “door-to-door service” or “door-to-door cargo delivery service”.

Unfortunately, the definition of this term can be very confusing. The confusion takes a stance from the word ‘door-to-door’ itself. It is simple to conclude that Door-to-Door Service is a service rendered to ‘your doorpost’. And at the same time difficult when we say Door-to-Door service is referred to as ‘from shipping location to ‘your warehouse'”

While some believe that “Door-to-Door services” most usually stopped at the warehouse and not necessarily at the customers’ doorpost or home, most others see it from a different perspective. 

But we understand that position of GlobalForwarding…, and maybe others, on what Door-to-Door may imply.

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Definition of Term from Two Different Views

According to GlobalForwarding, “…one of the biggest problems is that companies do not always see that door delivery means to the door of the warehouse of course. They think that door can mean to their customer’s door which can be true only on a drop-ship or direct ship, but they do not understand it to be the door.”

GlobalForwarding believes that Door to Door delivery means that the freight forwarding company will pick up the shipping container from your warehouse and bring it to the port, gate it in and file the necessary paperwork and retrieve it on the other side to be brought to your consignee’s warehouse.”

On the other hand, UPS defines door to door service as “The physical movement of goods from the point of pickup to end-user. This may also be the name of a service provided, for example, “door to door service.”

This is apparently where we draw our definition having taken into consideration several factors. The current trend seems to have shifted to a meaning carved from the words itself. But this time, we deal with Cargo delivery to your doorpost, or warehouse as the case may be.


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What you should know about “Door-to-Door Freight Service”

Another word for door-to-door cargo service is Door-to-door freight service as it is more commonly called.

It is aimed at those who ship larger shipments heavier than 40kg or exceeding the dimensions for standard door-to-door delivery service. Very often such shipments are placed on pallets, but you can also ship bulky and/or oddly shaped items, cars, furniture, and many other objects as well.

We will prepare an individual offer tailored to your need. Fill in the form with all necessary details and our logistics experts will be with you in the shortest possible time with a competitive price offer.


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In context, the ‘end-user’ as mentioned by UPS may be used as a relative term, which opens the way for us to conclude that rendering services go beyond the ‘consignee’s warehouse’. It mostly extends to customers who seek Consolidation or Groupage of their shipment. This is especially so when they wish to have their items delivered to their doorpost. 

Door-to-Door delivery is a common, yet convenient way to ship customer’s items. In this case, the customer is free of all the arrangement related to the sea freight container shipment. 

The service is designed for importers who desire a seamless shipping option from cargo origin to his or her warehouse or delivery location in Nigeria. 


3 Reasons why you should seek our Door-to-Door service?

The process of clearing goods is such a rigorous one that requires strictness to the due process involved. Many clients have requested to know how to handle their shipment from start to finish, by themselves. It is possible, but the entire process involves stages that require the experience of a tried, tested and tested company. 


  • On-the-Business Experience:

Over the years, BowaGate Global has proven to clients its number 1 status when it comes to freight shipping, forwarding and clearing. We have helped ward off stress and numerous errors from our clients’ shoulders.

BowaGate Global is familiar with the costs (financial & otherwise) and the nitty-gritty of the entire process. 

You also need a company that has developed a solid relationship with the agencies, build trust and confidence.


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  • Licensed/Certified to Ship your products to your doorstep

Some products require certifications from the NDLEA, NAFDAC, etc to be able to ship to the country. The reason for the certificates is to help agencies minimize the importation of contraband products by some illegal processes.

We are certified to ship products and ensure that the products do not pose a threat to humans, be it in respect of consumption or any other risks.

This obviously, may not be easy for an individual to obtain, hence the need to seek professional services.


  • Our Services are Cheap, Fast & Reliable

As your reliable logistics company, we handle all the processes of delivering your products which may begin from container loading, delivery to the port, arriving at the destination.

Door-to-Door delivery is complicated. It is a multistage process covering numerous tasks such as:

  • Delivery to the shipper empty container for cargo loading.
  • Cargo Insurance.
  • All the documentation support needed for the cargo export.
  • Intermodal service – rail and truck.
  • Container receiving in the port and preparing for shipment.
  • Customs clearance at the port of destination and container delivery to the final destination.

The range of our service is from small loads to large industrial equipment. We are confident that having this service will save you a lot of time and money and leave all the “headache” to our team of professionals.

So, whether you would like to send a small parcel or a gift to your friend living in a dormitory in another country, order a delivery of a certain product from an online or regular shop abroad, arrange freight transport of a car and much more, door-to-door shipping service arranged via BowaGate Global is the best option. 


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What are the advantages of a door-to-door cargo/freight service?

As a business owner or operator, it makes more sense to figure out a simpler logistics method than doing everything yourself. 

There are many advantages of door-to-door courier services. 


There are no extra costs

Everything in Door-to-Door delivery service is compounded into one cost since you are not the one handling the shipping. All the process and expenses such as freight shipping, customs clearing and shipping or delivery are summed up and quoted all together with no extra cost.

You will be provided with a contract in which an outline of the costs of shipping to your destination is stated. Once you sign that we are good to go, then we will handle everything from there. 

No surprise fees from Customs or another handler.


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It’s simpler and saves time

There are so many different stages and levels to shipping logistics that you could easily miss or overlook something. 

All that worries should be eliminated with the Door-to-door delivery here as a better option. You don’t have to figure out all the processes by yourself. All the stages or processes will be condensed into one easy step.

In that case, you are free from having to handle all of the steps yourself.

When all that is managed properly helps to save time for other business pursuits in respect to your shipment. 


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Can we help you right away?

Now, do you need some help? Or do you have some questions perhaps? Don’t hesitate! Contact our customer support team and our experts will gladly help you whether finalizing your order, selecting the right type of service or whatever your needs may be.

You see, our door-to-door freight delivery services in Nigeria serves in China, the US, UK, Canada etc.

In essence, Using our door-to-door service means that we will pick up from your doorstep and deliver to your doorstep or warehouse, anywhere in World.

So, you have nothing to worry about. BowaGate Global is a company who for the past 2 decades have served different regions of the world. 


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