Welcome to Bowagate Global Limited, your premier logistics partner specializing in Air Freight, Sea Freight, Exportation, and customs clearing in Nigeria. As you explore our extensive services, please be aware of the following detailed disclaimer to enhance your understanding of the complexities inherent in the logistics landscape.

Information Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance

Bowagate Global Limited is committed to providing accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on our website. The logistics industry is dynamic, subject to rapid regulatory changes, and influenced by external factors. Due to the evolving nature of international trade and transportation, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy, completeness, or currency of all information. Logistics operations are inherently subject to various local, national, and international regulations. While we strive to provide information that aligns with current regulations, users must understand that compliance requirements may change. It is imperative to consult with our experts or relevant authorities to ensure adherence to the latest legal and regulatory standards.

Cargo Insurance and Risk Management

We strongly recommend customers consider shipping insurance for their cargo through our company or other valid alternatives. While we aim to provide top-class services, certain factors beyond our control may impact the business. Customers are responsible for ensuring the property is insured. The logistics industry involves inherent risks such as delays, unforeseen events, and external influences that may impact the transportation of goods. While we employ rigorous risk management strategies, users are advised to understand and accept the inherent risks associated with international logistics, including potential disruptions beyond our control.

Carrier Liability and Assistance

Bowagate Global Limited is not an airline company, and in the event of shipment damage, loss, or theft during transport with airline carriers, we will not be liable. However, we commit to assisting customers in good faith with the process of claims with the airline carrier.

Customer Responsibilities and Payment

Customers are responsible for any port charges, extra transportation charges,  customs fees, examination charges, and processing fees. Customers agree to pay all additional shipping, clearing fees, and applicable custom inspection fees by the deadline. Failure to pay by the deadline may result in applicable demurrage charges, late fees, transportation, inspection, storage, and security fees. Customers further agree to forfeit the shipment after 30 days from the shipment date if payment is not made, and Bowagate Global Limited or its authorized agents have permission to sell the contents in case of default.

Liability, Legal Indemnification, and User Agreement

The arrival date in Nigeria is an estimated date, and shipments may be delayed. Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bowagate Global Limited against any and all liability or claims. In the event of any legal action by either party, customers agree to pay all legal fees incurred by Bowagate Global Limited. By using our services and accessing our website, users agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this comprehensive disclaimer.

Thank you for choosing Bowagate Global Limited as your logistics partner. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in international transportation and customs clearance, prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction.

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