The facts about container shipping are extensive and require adequate information about what freight shipping really is. In our previous post, we dealt with the various modes/methods of freight shipping, especially to Nigeria. 

What Container Shipping is

Container Shipping is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. Shipping containers range from large reusable steel boxes used for intermodal shipments to the ubiquitous corrugated boxes. It falls basically in Sea freight shipping category, specifically used for Groupage Freight — Less than container loads (LCL) as well as Full container load.

By intermodal shipment, we refer to a model that involves freight transportation that uses different types of transport medium, for example, rail, ship, and truck).

One of the advantages of this method of shipping is that it reduces cargo handling. The effect is that it improves security, reduces the cost of shipping, reduces losses and damages. It also allows for faster transportation of freight.

This may be offset by reduced timings for road transport over shorter distances. It is not out of place to interchange the words ‘containerization and container freight shipping’ in this post, as they mean one and the same thing. 

Purpose of Container Shipping Services

The importance of container shipping services to global trade cannot be over-emphasized. As stated above, it makes shipping quite easy and has been in existence for centuries. So, whether you are purchasing shoes, bags, clothes, or anything from China, India, the US or any part of the world to Nigeria, container shipping plays an economic impact on the importation process. 

Container Freight Shipping: Advantages (Benefits) and Disadvantages

In the shipping industry, container freight shipping plays one most important role. The advantage of this is that it has aided the industry to a strong and steady-state. This mode of shipping has a significant economic advantage over other means of transporting goods, for both the sender and the recipient.

Over 50,000 cargo ship sailing the world use this mode of shipping due to the positive factors it carries in aid to business profiting. Impacts such as the ability to transport different types of goods such as raw materials, food, vehicles, equipment, furniture, apparel to mention but a few. As a matter of fact, almost all goods that come into your port are stored in a shipping container.

Advantages of container shipping

1. Adequate Security of Goods

Once the container is sealed, it bars against bad weather, temperature variations, theft, handling impacts, fire. Therefore limit or reduce the risk of loss of items to those conditions. 

2. Fast Transportation and Low cost

The fear of breaking the bank is eliminated in the course of transporting or shipping container loads. This is because the container is the unit that documents all the goods that it contains. Charges are therefore not per items in the container but per container load. 

It can ship quickly to ports of destination. The other stage of customs familiarity, which affects delivery time is cut short because the information of items in the container is detailed outside the container.

3. Flexibility and Versatility, second to none

Container shipping can be used to ship a large batch as well as a small batch of goods to both long and short distance. It can be used to transport both dangerous liquid substances (hydrocarbons and chemicals) and solid products (foodstuffs – wheat, flour, feed for livestock and so on).

4. Warehousing

The container is its own warehouse; Simpler and less expensive packaging. Stacking capacity on ships, trains (double stacking) and on the ground (container yards).

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Disadvantages of Container Freight Shipping

1. Unavailability of Port/Terminals for Container Facilities

In some parts of the world where ports or terminals with container facilities may not be available, this creates a major setback. 

2. They require adequate handling techniques. 

Container shipping requires adequate sophisticated handling techniques, which without, will affect the shipment process. The infrastructure put in place by ship operators to handle containers may not apply to all port facilities. This consequently also slows transit times. 

3. Delays may occur.

Even where such sophisticated facilities are available, delays may still occur due to overburden of loads and non-availability due to a container operator’s inability to secure a return load.

4. Large Capital Expenditure 

This may be essential to handle ‘container-based’ networks. For smaller businesses, this may be a major concern as capital expenditure is highly needed in handling container shipping. It basically affects sponsoring for facilities at ports as well as other connected factors. 

5. Some physical constraints may cause costly special packaging

There are some constraints that may involve a certain cost. Constraints like high temperatures, lack of ventilation inside the container, etc. This may negate the fact that there might be high security to the condition of goods, however. But the fact can not be left out as it may not have control over such challenges over time. 

In order to salvage such physical situations, a rather costly special packaging and signing up for special container shipping insurance becomes imperative. 

Type of Container, Dimension and Specifications

There are two significant types of container, with various differences in dimension. We have the 20 feet container and the 40 feet container.

These containers are of standardized dimensions. They can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, transported efficiently over long distances, and transferred from one mode of transport to another, i.e. container ships, rail transport flatcars, and semi-trailer trucks, without being opened

Factors Determinating Cost of Container Freight Shipping

Many factors determine the cost of Full Container Load Container shipping. Some of the factors are as follows:

(1) Size of Container: While there are other variations of container dimension, the standard dimensions are 20ft and 40ft. Other variations may include refrigerated units with different sizes. 

(2) Shipping Route: Distance matter in determining the cost to ship a container. A container being sent from Lagos to Ogun State, Nigeria is always going to be less costly to ship than one being sent on routes that are not particularly common.

(3) Demand and Supply: Cost of shipping a container may vary especially as dictated by economics trend and market fluctuations. Basic economics dictates the freight industry globally. “During the busiest shipping seasons, container rates go up –– sometimes substantially.”

The Real Cost of Container Shipping

Globally, there has been no standardized freight rate generally. However, the varying cost of shipping via this mode is not quite expensive. You want to make enquiries, contact us via a WhatsApp chat or call 2348147068472 for details. 

Determining the cost actually is always a key component for choosing which container services to go for. Another reason why we advise to choose a service that has a reputation for successful shipping. 


The fact that Container Freight Shipping carries various advantages in terms of security, reliability, preference due to its flexibility and versatility has not ruled out the advantage of other modes of shipping to Nigeria.

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