Image result for Rates for FIATA Publications imagesBowa Gate Global Limited recently obtained the approval of FIATA to join the list of qualified freight forwarders worldwide. The company received her approval as an Individual Member for 2019 after fulfilling every necessary dues as required by the Apex freight forwarding institution.

The acronym FIATA is derived from its french meaning ‘Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés’. It saddles the responsibility of boosting the reputation of Individual Members.

We all know that the industry of Freight Forwarders is porously filled with unregistered ‘agents’,  so-called, whose activities have put a lot of importers in high risks of failed businesses.

So, in order to distinguish ourselves and portray indelible values, we pride in matching international standards of freight forwarding. This has over the years, aided us in building trust and reliability with customers and prospects.

BowaGate Global deemed it important to eschew illegal practices and tow the path of corporate image boosting. First, as a licensed Customs Agent, and next, opting for international membership with regulatory bodies that matters to Freight Forwarding worldwide.

Benefit of Obtaining FIATA Membership means the following

Obtaining FIATA Membership Certificate is Strong Indication of Recognition

As a freight forwarder in Nigeria, holding a FIATA Membership certificate simply means that your applications are endorsed by the Association Members in their specific countries or territories, hence the admission. 

To own a certificate is a ‘strong indication that the company operates according to the applicable legal requirements and is naturally inclined to maintain a compliant behaviour’. 

This helps compose the business reputation of BowaGate Global and shows we have a recognized value in public.

So our customers can use this as a decisive element to choose between a certain number of competitors in contracts and/or procurement allocations.


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Using the FIATA Logo is a sign of Distinction

As an Individual Members of FIATA, we are permitted to display the FIATA logo on our office sign-boards and company vehicles, and to print the logo on our company stationery and business cards (but not on transport documents). The use of the FIATA logo is an immediately perceptible sign of distinction. FIATA is a protected trademark.


Entry in the FIATA Members Directory and Networking is huge Commercial Benefit

As a member, the Individual Member’s name and address is published in the unique FIATA Members Directory on the FIATA website. This directory of freight forwarders and logistics providers is continuously updated and can be freely consulted. The FIATA website listing could carry an immediate commercial benefit for the Individual Member, which comes at no additional cost.


Approval to Advertise in the FIATA Members Directory

As Individual Members of FIATA, we have the opportunity to advertise our services in addition to our regular entry in the FIATA Members Directory. This is an additional option to increase the visibility of the Individual Member and it is awarded at discounted prices to Individual Members only.


FIATA Review and Information (FIATA E-Flash)

Receiving copies FIATA Review and Information occurs five times a year.

According to the FIATA website, Individual Members of FIATA receive their own individual copies of the FIATA Review, which is published five times a year and contains reports on FIATA’s activities, our Congresses and Headquarter Sessions, as well as other information from the Federation. Many articles have a very highly informative technical content and are referenced around the world. 3 FIATA publishes a fortnightly electronic newsletter (the FIATA e-Flash) which contains momentous information pertaining to logistics, Customs, trade and even specialised areas of interest such as security. The e-Flash is also sent with compliments to all Individual Members.


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Special Rates for FIATA Publications and Articles

Individual Members of FIATA can obtain FIATA publications, such as the FIATA Code of Abbreviations, the FIATA Glossary of Transport and Forwarding Terms, the FIATA Customs Clearance Manual, as well as FIATA articles at special, discounted rates. The list of publications is periodically updated; it is therefore advisable to check on the FIATA WEBSITE for new listings. The new website that will be introduced later this year will also contain an e-shop where members will be able to purchase information and business material at discounted rates, and then pay and print their invoices directly online.


FIATA Offers Online Service (Secretariat’s Assistance) to Individual Members

For obtaining FIATA Membership, the body offers it’s Individual Members an online service, where we can write our questions and receive Assistance from Secretariat’s professional staff’s in a short time frame. Although it is not a legal, nor a matchmaking service, it however offers an open-door policy that gives its members access to online inquiry services.

This service is exclusively available to Individual Members of FIATA and has an extremely important intrinsic value.


The most important consequence of Individual Membership is connected with the reputation of the Individual Member, in as much as the Individual Member identifies itself in the objectives and rules of FIATA, e.g. the Business Integrity Statement.


Meanwhile, Bowa Gate Global Limited is a Licensed Custom Agent with experience in excellent service especially in Air Freight Shipping to and from Nigeria.  

The company has been in existence in the industry for over 2 decades with lots of excellent work delivery recorded? Check our profile for details.

The company will continue in her endeavour to provide hassle-free logistics services for its customers, both locally and internationally.


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