This post is made based on popular demand from some of our friends on various platforms which includes Nairaland, Facebook & Instagram. Please note that besides what is gathered in this post, there are more profitable products. Exempting them from this list only shows the one mentioned have been tried and trusted.

Well, expectations are high and we won’t fail to fulfil our promises in revealing all that we know about these products. In an early post, we exposed all there is to know about importation before you venture into it.

They are simple and straight to the point. Read it here.

This post is actually for the category of clients who wants to sail up from scratch. However, if you are a big-time importer, you may also take advantage of these.


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Are These Products Profitable for Mini Importation as well?

YES! Depending on what you really want to achieve, our top 5 most profitable products to import from China can serve your business expectation.

We usually recommend mini-importation, particularly for startups. This is simply because it requires little startup capital; it is less stressful and most importantly, it is a good money-making business.

So, is mini importation the business you have been looking for? Then take advantage of our top listed 5 most profitable products to import from China to Nigeria.


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Why do we recommend CHINA?

From all indication, China is the “biggest destination for importers all over the world”. In China, you have at your disposal, different kind of goods. Whether the goods are of personal effects, or they are industrial types of machinery or whatever, you name them.

China has the biggest manufacturing hub for the production of cheap products, sold at very affordable prices.

Products from China are relatively cheap, fast-selling and profitable because of their massive production as well as unique demands.

Be warned, however, sometimes, it might be a bit challenging to find the right product, the right supplier, and especially the right agent and freight forwarder to help ship your goods to Nigeria.

At the same time, it depends on how much you understand the market for such a product, the supply and value of the product. Knowing your product is very essential. This is one way you can beat the market.

You need to venture on an imported product you have deep knowledge of, such that you can provide solutions to the challenges that might surface. Otherwise, you might record huge losses or lose all your hard-earned money.


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The Top 5 Most Profitable Products to import

NB: None of the listed products is the least profitable.


  1. Sealing MachineImporting sealing machine to Nigeria

Very many people are going into the production of water in sachet bags, while a host of others are fruit juice production, snacks, plantain chips, etc.

The demand for this item by many is on the increase.

One thing to know is that the sealing machine is in categories for different purposes. You can do your findings first on,, etc.



2. Laptops, Mobile Phones & Accessoriesmost profitable products from china

This is more or less the most well-received business in Nigeria for decades now.

China is the major manufacturer of cheap laptops and phones especially, this is no more news.

The cheaper and more valuable, the more profiting it is in a country like Nigeria where demands are on the high.

If there is one product that has taken over the Nigerian market, it is the made-in-China mobile phones and its accessories.

These products control over 65% of the mobile phone market share in Nigeria.


According to the MarketingEdge, “If you compare China smartphones with those from other countries, there is little or no difference at all. And the China ones are even cheaper”.

The market prices or these items including their accessories are relatively cheap to buy. Selling them in Nigeria comes out affordable for low budget individuals particularly.

Still hot and highly demanding, you can venture into this and make money selling them in Nigeria.



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3. Security and Tracking Gadgets

Very many offices, homes and schools are becoming more security conscious than ever before. With the high rate of insecurity in the country, the panic rate has increased.

Then, here we have a craving need for security and tracking devices. You definitely want to install a tracking device in your vehicle as a security measure, so is the man next door.

There are many importable security camera and car tracking gadgets sold in the Nigerian market. This shows how profitable the products could be.




4. Fancy Ceiling Pendantsmost profitable products form china

These beautiful ceiling light designs have taken over lighting in the market. Most houses have them in various grandeurs. It turned out the most popular home accessory in 2019 and still hot in 2020.

The demand for this product is on the increase as most new houses have been considered incomplete without the fancy ceiling lighting or pendants.

The Italian made of the same product cost much more in Naira while the China-made is cheaper, yet matches up with quality. It sells very well in the market.



5. Children’s Toys

Children’s toys are other fast selling products in Nigeria and you can get it in high quantity and different types and shapes in China.

There are fantastic children’s toys on that yield high profits than can ever be imagined. Check out the below toy types and flow along.

  • Kids Cars: Children loves this gadget and could go to any length to get their parents to buy it for them
  • Flying Helicopter: Yet another fantastic experience for children
  • Toy Bicycles: This is far more popular than toy cars and is the most affordable as well.

There are thousands of other toys that will do well in Nigeria market that you can find in China. Take enough time to scout for them and bring them here.


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Aside these 5 carefully selected products, there are others you may want to try out. They are as follows:

i. Electronic equipment & machinery

ii. Plastic Products

iii. Clothes

iv. Footwear & Parts

v. Cosmetic products like fake eyelashes, lipstick pencil, make up brushes, nail gel


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eCommerce business in Nigeria is a wake-up call on entrepreneurs what are interested in buying and selling in Nigeria. This business model has made many millionaires within the last few years.


Although it requires getting used to the processes by engaging the right channels. Profiting depends on you, the products, the supplier and the Agents you choose to work with you. We recommend using our services to ship your goods to Nigeria.


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