According to, “Nigeria is one of the world’s leading business locations on the African continent. But when it comes to doing business in Nigeria, several challenges confront a typical Nigerian business”.


A lot of businesses are strangled already, trying to increase growth amidst heavy challenges involved in importing and exporting their goods from one country to the desired destination.


Little wonder why so many companies lately, have considered outsourcing some angles of their businesses to agencies to manage. In order to ease the burden on financing, personnel management, logistics, procurement, importation, exportation, etc.


On a quick note, a Freight Forwarder is someone who handles the exportation and importation of goods from the country of origin to the destination country. They use the various mode of transportation, adopt best industry practice and have their duties in shouldering other people’s shipping concerns to maximum satisfaction.


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In this post, we share some reasons why you should contact a Freight Forward for your business, immediately.


You need a Hassle-Free Movement of your Consignments

Right from the point of documentation, customs clearance, arranging and booking cargoes space for your consignments, to the point of negotiating rates or charges, etc, a Freight Forwarder will have you covered.


Can you Imagine your goods flying around the globe while you are all relaxed? That’s the feeling when a reliable Freight Forwarder shoulders your shipping concerns.


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You need a Master of the Game to negotiate for best rates

Negotiating the rate is one, but getting the best is another. These are two separate understandings. Every business wants to cut costs, one way or the other. And not every business has an established relationship with authorities in charge of incoming shipments.


You need a Freight Forwarder who has an established relationship with carriers and the Customs. This way, you are assured of getting a great rate for your shipments.


A Freight Forwarder and Licensed Customs Agent like BowaGate Global Limited takes advantage of a high volume of goods to reduce costs of transportation through consolidation, being in a very good relationship with major key players in the logistics sector.


BowaGate Global offers a very reduced freight rate while offering very fast delivery.


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You need professional advice on consolidation

With the consolidation of your goods, you are sure of a considerably reduced cost of transportation of the goods. A Freight Forwarder will work in combining your smaller shipments to make a large one. By implication, you pay less the amount you would have paid, for having a bulky package, because of the increased volume.

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You Need Insurance to protect your goods

The Freight Forwarder’s duty is to prepare Cargo Insurance on your goods. So in the event of losses or damages, you are indemnified. So, whether you having your shipment traveling by Road, Sea, or Air, you have little or nothing to worry about it.

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You need proper Inventory Management

It is true that most large scale businesses have warehouses. They manage their inventories all by themselves. It is also true that small scale businesses might not have that capability. 


Some Freight Forwarders provide the storage, handle the goods, package them and also distribute when necessary. Proper management of your inventories is as important as properly managing your business in the sense of growth.


you need someone prepared to handle emergency

Sometimes, due to offloading delays by a carrier, or natural calamities such as climatic change or any other forms of calamities, your shipment might be routed to a different port to save situations.


There is usually the unforeseen circumstance that may weigh in panic, but a Freight Forwarder who is always prepared to handle such an emergency would have you covered.


If not for anything else, you surely need a Freight Forwarder to handle such challenges with ease.


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