Now, you have developed an interest in importing your products, and China comes to mind beside Dubai or the US.

It is no more news that China is the centre of many large scale manufacturers. A country now regarded as home to all forms of eCommerce activities. A place from where buying items at cheap prices and reselling at self-determined markup prices for maximum profit, prevail.


Besides shipping from other countries in the global network, Bowagate Global also ship from China. With over 25 years of experience in handling importation to Nigeria from over 40 countries in the world, there is a lot to learn from our wealth of experience.

In an earlier post, we wrote extensively, about Sea Freight Shipping and Air Freight Consolidation, which I think you might find interesting.

In this post, you’ll be exposed to all you need to know about importing from China to Nigeria which includes The Basics of Importing from China to Nigeria, the Limits to the Opportunities there are in Importing from China, Rules and Regulations involved, Cost of Shipping from China to Nigeria, and more interesting facts.

Apart from shipping from China to Nigeria by Air, we also render services in Sea Freight Shipping to Nigeria, an experience we’ve had for 25 years. Bowa Gate Global offers both Air and Sea Freight Shipping from China. So whichever one suits your financial capability, time determination, as well as convenience, we are ready to work with you. Simply give us a call and we’d answer all questions as related to China Freight Shiping.

Before importing from China to Nigeria, know these.

Importing process from China is not an easy venture. It is complex and thus, requires some important understanding of stages and processes. As a newbie, you should expect that the process might not be a rosy one, however, with this guide, you are sure to hit the road running to expertise level. 

So before you import from China to Nigeria, you must understand the basics.

The Basics of Importing from China to Nigeria

One thing to know is that China products are widely known to be affordable. Importing these products from China has over the years, become a preferred means of making huge profits by Short and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Take a look around you!

China markets are the global manufacturing and trading hub worldwide. According to research, it is the world second-largest exporter, trading, manufacturing and major purchasing powerhouse globally, today. It is the major powerhouse for purchasing products such as clothing, shoes, home furnishings, phones and gadgets, accessories, electronics so many more. 

All these things are produced and assembled in China.

Is there a limit to which Importation from China can go?

Basically, you can import to any part of the globe from China. All the countries may not be listed here. But China ships to almost every country and area in the world. Despite lots of thousands of miles across the globe, countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Africa, etc have, and are still engaging in importation and trading from China.

Africa seems to be one of the largest continents but has many landlocked nations in it. Therefore, ocean freight doesn’t seem to be the best mode of shipping goods to Africa from China. It takes a much longer period on the sea, to arrive on the shores. Despite that, Ocean freight is the most popular means of shipping from China to Africa, Nigeria inclusive.

Why Sea freight is commonly used

The reason why Sea Freight is commonly used is that it offers low shipping cost and carries a larger volume. Another reason is that it offers more alternative modes of shipping such as Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Loads (LCL), Groupage, RORO, and so on.

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Despite the advantages of shipping by sea being the first choice for small and medium enterprises, shipping from China via Air Freight is a no brainer.

Importing from China to Nigeria, like any other countries in Africa is much easier done by air freight. However, due to the above reasons, shipping via ocean shipping is commonly preferred. Even though it takes a longer time and accommodates larger volume, it is way cheaper than Airfreight.

Nonetheless, countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Morocco, and Egypt have recorded significant figures regarding imports from China, both by air and sea.

Africa, Nigeria, in particular, has found treasure in investing in the China market without limitation. Africa is taking advantage of importation or trading with China and shipping via sea to Nigeria in is possible with the right shipping guides. 

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Import Rules and Regulations in China

There are several guiding principles around the importation of products from China to any parts of the world. So, you want to import goods from China to Nigeria? Find the below information about how the rules and regulations are applied, as they’d likely save you heartache. 

They include Import License, Special Trading Zones, Importing Documents and Paperwork, Import Duties and Taxes, and Prohibited, Restrictions, and Quotas

1. Obtain Import Licenses

According to, an import-export license is mandated by various federal agencies, and it identifies what products are shipped or delivered between international locations. A license may or may not be required for importers or exporters, depending on the product.

In order to import from China, some paperwork, licenses or other documentation are required. The rules come with different processes, depending on what you are importing. The various import licenses that are of key necessity are Product-Specific, Business, and Export Licenses.

i. Product-Specific License 

If you are importing food, drugs or medical devices, you may need to get a product-specific license. Otherwise, it will be pretty hard for you to import these kinds of goods from China. 

ii. Business License

In order to import from China without difficulties, you’d be required to apply and obtain a business license. This indicates the government’s authorization that you could set up an import company in China.

iii. Export License

In addition to setting Business License, if you are importing from China, you will more likely be needing an export license. According to Wikipedia, “Import licenses are considered to be non-tariff barriers to trade when used as a way to discriminate against another country’s goods in order to protect a domestic industry from foreign competition. Each license specifies the volume of imports allowed, and the total volume allowed should not exceed the quota.” 

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Procedure for Applying an Import from China

  1. The procedure for applying an import from china license is as follows;
  2. File your foreign trade operator filing at the Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China
  3. Register with the Chinese Customs Authority
  4. Register with the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
  5. Register with the e-port
  6. Make a foreign exchange registration with the local state administration of foreign exchange

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2. Special Trading Zones

Read more about Special Trading Zones, otherwise regarded as Free Trade Zones in China Here

3. Importing Documents and Paperwork

When you’re importing goods from China, it is entirely apparent that you must obtain all the relevant documentation and paperwork. At various stages of the importation, you’ll realize that you’ll need to submit such documents, either copy of original documents.

Documentation that you may need when importing from China include;

Bill of lading, Airway bill, Commercial invoice, Packing list, Proforma invoice, Country of origin certificate, Import/export declaration

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