There is no doubt about the fact that selecting the best logistics company in Nigeria to mediate between your goods and the suppliers can be intimidating. In this post, we show you what to do when you are at that point to select the best logistics service.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you want to find a good company to transport or ship your goods; carry out adequate research on them; determine which one best fits your expectations, and select the best logistics company in Nigeria for freight shipping, clearance and other logistics needs.

Much more than not, to find one, however daunting, requires considering a list of qualities relative to the demands of your business. 

This is so that you do not get doubled-crossed by fraudsters; fall into the tricks of incompetent hands, or close any deal with unregistered or unqualified ‘self-acclaimed-agencies’. 

To select the best logistics service provider for your business in Nigeria is, however, strictly personal, as satisfaction is relative. So you need to exercise absolute carefulness in the entire process.

Now you want to lift your cargo, either via air freight, sea freight, land freight, you are advised to consider these 5 points before you start!


Check on their Capabilities & Competencies 

Be sure to find out that the prospective logistics provider is capable of handling specific service areas that meet your company’s expectations. Remember they must have a set of abilities to satisfy both short-term and future needs. 

As widely placed as Logistics Business is, there are a lot of areas of expertise to accomplish in order to boast of owning it all in various types of trades. 

So, that a company is an expert in one area does not completely indicate that they can manage your requests without making recourse to other ‘experts.’ 

This may be fine, but how would you predict the unforeseen or have direct access to the other experts to know of their unique capabilities, as well as their shortfalls? 


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Find out about the Company Stability

How long has the company been in existence? 

The stability of a prospective logistic company is as important as the growth of your own business.

Quite a lot of unpredictable factors can mar a company’s stability due to many other factors, therefore bringing down their wings.

In spite of the daunting factors, there are a few logistics companies that have endured the test of time and have been in existence for decades.

BowaGate Global, for example, prides its over 2 decades old stability and quality of saving both time and money for her clients, in the industry and has continuously recorded successes with various types of clients daily.

So, whether you are running a simple or complex supply chain, to avoid falling in the wrong hands, ensure that the best logistics provider is considered, by also determining the provider’s stability in the industry. 

Selecting a stable logistics company is a key factor in guaranteeing an enhancing solid business relationship between you and your newly found logistics provider. 


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Study the Customer Service/Relations

The Customer Service section of every business is responsible for upholding the corporate image of the company.

They solve various problems by providing adequate and timely information, effective communication and are responsive to the core.

The question to ask is as follows, what is the priority level of the logistics provider’s customer service or their relationship.

Do they respond fast, or do they have excellent communication lines, or what is their level of efficiency in solving clients’ problems? 

By prioritizing customer service or our customer relationship with our clients, we have built a formidable wall of trust that has enhanced our relationship growth further (both clients and us). You definitely want to give us a call for a trial will convince you. 

This area is as important as the other aspects to look into when considering the best logistics company in Nigeria for your business. 


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Check the Reputation of the Company

  1. How long have they been in business? 
  2. What type of reviews do they have online or offline?
  3. How do they treat their staff, suppliers, and employees?

Building a positive reputation takes years of consistent excellent reports. It requires the satisfaction of clients to the point of trust.

The integrity of your prospective Logistics Provider must be tested as quickly as possible. This might not be easy to get unless you give it time for proper investigation. 

Investigate the customers, suppliers and even the employees to know whether the provider has a good, bad or ugly reputation

Choosing the best logistics service provider in Nigeria requires, among other things, patience. To eventually stand convinced that you are not dealing with the wrong persons or company, you want to be attentive to the entire process.


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Check their Ability to Manoeveur to the proper Rates

There is absolutely nothing like a one-price-fit-all concept in the logistics business. Prices vary from one company to another, depending on the needs of the customer. 

A good logistics service provider would understand the shifting needs of her customers and proffer the best rate for you. 

Some times, the rate may be higher than you literarily expected. In that case, it might only mean that you have not provided adequate information or documentation needed for that consignment to be shipped down, among other reasons.




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