RORO Freight Shipping - Roll-on/Roll-off shipping service delivers Wheel Cargo like Truck, Heavy Load Equipment and Cars to Nigeria. Most interestingly, it comes at lower price compared to LoLo (Lift on-Lift off. Tell us about your shipment.

Meanwhile, two reasons why RoRo freight shipping becomes so popular is because of the following;

  1.  it is the cheapest means to transport wheel cargo to Nigeria.
  2. it is safe, fast and reliable

Countries like USA and Europe offer RoRo shipping to Nigeria. This includes shipping of Car, Bus, Truck, Trailer, Bulldozer, Excavator etc . Bowagate oversea representatives will process all your RoRo needs, like documentation, pick up from supplier, delivery to Shipping line, to ship to Nigeria.

Bowagate Sea Freight shipping offers Full Container load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), Roro and Bulk shipping from over 40 Seaport to Tincan & Apapa.


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