India freight Shipping to Nigeria – Air Freight Shipping from India by Bowagate delivers goods to Nigeria from India supplier to Lagos (Airport & Seaport).

India freight Shipping to Nigeria services includes-

  • Advisory service to Importer
  • Pick up from Supplier warehouses
  • Receive Shipments on your behalf  from India supplier / manufacturer in our facility
  • Prepare Export documentation
  • Booking of shipment for flight with reliable Airline
  • Delivery to Air line
  • Clear cargo through china customs
  • Form M processing
  • PAAR processing
  • Customs Clearing

Check here for full list of countries we currently ship from to Nigeria

List of Packages you can ship to Nigeria from India;

  • Computer and computer accessories
  • Garments / Clothing
  • Laptops
  • Widget
  • Chemical
  • Machine
  • Equipment
  • General goods
  • Personal Effects
  • Kitchenware
  • Heavy duty machine

Contact Bowagate Global shipping for all India shipping related question. We have over 25 years experience handling imports to Nigeria from over forty countries.

Bowa-Gate Global Ltd is a logistic service company providing professional Air & Sea Freight forwarding, Cargo Shipping to Nigeria and Customs Clearing.

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