Are you an importer? Do you need a cheap, fast and reliable freight shipping service? Have you heard about Groupage (LCL) Shipping to Nigeria? Have you ever considered seeking advice on this shipping method? Groupage shipping to Nigeria may be competitive, your best bet would be to understand better how it works.

Apparently, there are several freight options to look into, each carrying unique features, values, and necessities. We dealt with RoRo Freight Shipping earlier and now, we’d be dealing with Groupage Freight Shipping.

What comes to mind when you first hear the word ‘Groupage’?

The thought of a general meaning from the word ‘group’ is enough to portray a direct meaning to the subject matter.

Today, we are talking about Groupage (LCL) Shipping to Nigeria. Groupage is another word referring to Less than Container Load – LCL. You’ll be learning how groupage works, at what point in time you should consider this method of freight shipping, and determining the right freight forwarders to seek assistance. 

If you are into mini-importation and exportation business, you are definitely likely to require a cheap, fast and reliable logistics company. We ship from Germany, China, the US etc, to Nigeria. 

Then let’s introduce groupage freight shipping to you, in full context.


What is Groupage Shipping? 

According to Global Negotiator, Groupage simply means “Combining cargo from more than one shipper or importer and/or to more than one consignee for shipment together, usually in a single shipping container. 


Groupage shipping to Nigeria

Groupage shipping to Nigeria

On arrival, the container is unloaded, and each individual shipment may be claimed by its appropriate consignee or importer.

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For clarity, Groupage is the combining of many compatible shipments into a truckload of cargo and transported to customer destination. 

This is usually covered when there are more than one shipment going to one country, and sometimes, to one regional area of a country. 

Transporting a shipment with other goods in the container is referred to as Less than Container Load (LCL). 

That means that multiple LCL shipments with different Bills of Lading and different owners can be loaded in a single container. Any space used in the container is subject to a charge.


Picture this. 

If you desire to venture into small scale importation business, this method may be your best bet. This is due to the fact that your items may be too small for a full container load, there the need to group with other mini importers.

It is a great way to start importation business with a tight budget. 

Contact us to learn more about importing small scale shipments to and from Nigeria.


Check out our Door to Door Freight Shipping Service Conditions.


Groupage is an economical transporting method designed for Importers whose shipments would not require Full Container Load. Compatible Shipments are usually combined and shipped together to importers/shippers destinations.


Difference between FCL and LCL (Groupage) – Picture Description

Groupage shipping to Nigeria

Image Credit: Flexport Glossary

The picture above is a clear description, showing the difference between a Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) (otherwise, known as Groupage). 

Please note that FCL is not same as Container Freight Shipping.

FCL indicates the shipment belongs to one importer or shipper while LCL indicates that there are shipments from more than one importer or shipper.


Does LCL take a longer delivery time?

Yes! Surprisingly, it does take a longer time. The way the forwarder manages the entire process of shipping the goods determines a whole lot. 

Let’s make this simple. 

Delivery time depends on the country of origin, international shipping standard voyage time, level of forwarders professionalism, as well as the availability of quality handling by overseas staff, among other factors. 

At Bowagate Global, Our dedicated overseas staff takes delivery of clients’ small shipments from their suppliers. The shipments are grouped with other customers’, put into a container while a reliable shipping line delivers them.

We take our business seriously, providing speedy delivery to Nigeria within specified days. Though this depends on the country of origin and international Shipping standard voyage time. 

As your reliable freight forwarding company, we offer international shipping to and fro USA,  China, India, and other European countries.

From experience, we won’t be wrong to boast about our past and present outstanding services.


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Groupage (LCL) Shipping is a cheaper option

How cheap, fast and reliable groupage freight shipping service may be, cut across various service providers.

With Bowagate Global, this service comes with dual values in one. That is, one, you get speedy delivery of shipment and two, it comes at a cost-effective price, and without damages to your shipments. 


You can have a chat with one of our representatives about your shipment, and strike a convenient deal. 


How we handle Clients Shipment 

In handling groupage shipping to Nigeria, the fear of damages to shipment on-board has always been a major concern. Travelling with loads of other Groupages, packed with wrong partitioning can have an effect on the items of shipment, especially with fragile items.

As regarding insurance, contact us for pre-advice for clarity and necessary information before shipment. Our customers are very proud of our services and are happy with responses with respect to insurance, especially regular customers.

However, we implore customers to seek proper packing or advise before-hand. 


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Tracking shipments when it ships as Groupage 

Yes, you can track each consignment via our website. 

At any point, you can advise your client as to the location of the shipment. We can provide details of our delivery agents so that the delivery party can also liaise directly with them too. 

In summary, we are currently delivering Groupage shipping to Nigeria from over 40 ports using our Groupage/LCL facilities around the World.

Bowagate Global has in excess of over 2 decades of experience in Freight Shipping to Nigeria and our team have the expertise to make your freight shipping without stress.

Bowagate Sea Freight shipping offers Full Container load (FCL), Groupage Shipping to Nigeria (Less than Container Load), RoRo and Bulk shipping from over 40 Seaport to Tincan & Apapa. Learn More about our Sea Services.


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