Most people are not always sure when asked about the shipping mode they want for their cargo. And this has caused many issues with logistics industry. That is why BOWAGATE GLOBAL LIMITED is educating us on the various mode of shipping.

The term SHIPPING can be used to refer to various modes of transporting cargo and other goods through land, sea or air. Although it is most commonly used to refer to the transportation of object and cargo by sea, it can also refer to air and land transportation of goods. All different modes of shipping take the cargo and deliver it to its destination. A supplier or consignee may choose any mode of shipping to deliver goods and cargo depending on several factors (time, type of goods and budget). If it is within the same country, land transportation is normally used as it is typically cheaper than air shipment. Shipment from the shipper’s place directly to the destination is known as door to door shipment.



Shipping freight through sea is an economical way of exporting or importing goods overseas. Sea freight accommodates all types of freight but the major drawback of this mode is that it takes a longer period. The goods/cargo that gets transported by sea are usually with large volume and can be packaged into boxes, cases, pallets and barrels etc. over a long distance. Sea shipping can transport anything from clothing, technological gadgets, shoes, cars, raw materials, heavy machinery. Sea shipping has less environmental pollution and accommodates bulk capacity. Thus, in considering moving your cargo on the sea as the mode of shipping for businesses weigh your reasons.


There are special freight and cargo planes available for carrying commodities all over the world. It is used as a quick delivery mode and best considered for fragile and perishable commodities such as food, flowers and medicines. These air freight services can also deliver almost anything besides extremely big items that may not fit in the plane. Most food items and postcards/letters are transported through air freight as they are time sensitive and require quick delivery as special aircraft have been developed to support air cargo transportation. This form of shipping is most expensive mode of shipping.


The land or  road freight is the most common route for transporting goods of small and medium-sized, when it is done within the country. Trucks are used as a mode of transportation usually full of goods and are driven by expert drivers. It can transport almost any size of goods or any items that one may buy off internet which are usually transported through land shipping, unless the origin of the product being bought is at a country which is across the ocean from the destination country. Even still, land shipment would still be used to bring the goods to the persons’ house. Land shipment is involved in both sea and air shipment to bring the goods to the destination. Using trucks to transport goods via land is the most common mean of transportation. Trucks allow bulky and big items to be transported over long distances such as construction material and even crane.


The most suitable mode to transport large and heavy goods is through railways, it is said to be a green transportation system. There is still an extra cost associated with rail system, as road vehicles will be needed to transport the goods from the station to the desired destination.  Railway routes are effective way of shipping heavy freight to neighboring countries.


Any of the modes of shipping is very important in today’s economy and society. They each offer benefits that the other might not offer that support different purposes and applications. Most shipping providers in today’s time also provide services such as tracking of the shipping item being delivered which allows the customer to know exactly where his or her items are. Shipping was, is and would always play a crucial role in the trading and other industries.

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