It is very possible to move your loads (personal effects) out of Nigeria to another especially when you’re relocating to stay abroad, for work or on a study abroad mission. The question is, are you planning on shipping personal effects to Nigeria? Do you intend to send your loads to your destination country in advance? Or are you abroad and planning to move some personal belongings to Nigeria? 

Whether you’re shipping for business or personal reasons, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the process so that your belongings arrive safe and sound. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started, from finding the right logistics company to understanding what documents you’ll need.

Finding the right logistics company

While this does not necessarily have to be the first thing to consider before shipping personal effects to Nigeria, it is however one of the very important aspects you can never overlook.

There is numerous pertinent and important information unique to freight forwarding services that must be considered in order to avoid unnecessary strain while attempting to transport your items of personal effects to your destination.

When it comes to shipping personal effects to Nigeria, it is important to find a reputable and reliable shipping company. There are many freight forwarding companies out there that claim to provide the best service, but not all of them are created equal.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a shipping company:

Experience: Choose a shipping company that has plenty of experience with shipping to Nigeria. This will ensure that your shipment is handled properly and arrives safely.

Reputation: Check out online reviews of different shipping companies before making your decision. Make sure to choose a company that has a good reputation and is known for providing quality service.

Customer service: Choose a shipping company that offers excellent customer service. You should be able to get in touch with someone easily if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

Rates: Get quotes from several different shipping companies before deciding on one. Make sure to compare rates and services so you can get the best deal possible. BUT bear in mind, that the best freight forwarding company is not determined by how much it might cost you to ship your personal effect to Nigeria. 

Planning Your Shipment

When you are ready to move your personal effects to Nigeria, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the process goes smoothly. First, make a list of everything you will be shipping. This will help you determine the volume and weight of your shipment, which will in turn help you choose the right shipping method and estimate costs.

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Next, research the customs regulations for Nigeria. This is important to ensure that your shipment will clear customs without any delays or issues. Be sure to have all required documentation in order, and be prepared to pay any duties or taxes that may be due.

Contact Bowagate Global for Documentation guides

Once you have all the necessary information and documents, you can begin searching for a reputable shipping company that offers service to Nigeria. Get quotes from a few different companies to compare rates and services. Once you have selected a company, schedule a pick-up date and time for your shipment.

air freight shipping to Nigeria

You can start by requesting a quote here.

Pack your belongings carefully, using strong boxes and packing materials. Label each box with its contents and your contact information. Be sure to insure your shipment for its full value, as this will protect your belongings in case of damage or loss during transit.

With a little planning and preparation, shipping your personal effects to Nigeria can be easy.

Choosing a Shipping Method

There are a few different shipping methods to choose from when you are looking to ship personal effects to Nigeria. You can choose to ship via air, ocean, or road. Each method has its own set of pros and cons that you will need to take into consideration before making your decision.

Shipping via air is generally the most expensive option, but it is also the fastest way to get your items to their destination. If you need your items to arrive in Nigeria as quickly as possible, then shipping via air is likely your best bet.

This shipping option, in the pre-Covid-19 era, usually takes between 3 to 7 days to arrive. In the post-Covid 19 pandemics era, the case is different, as shipping by air may last between 5 days to 12 days, depending on some factors.

However, keep in mind that your items will need to be packed very securely for this shipping method, as there is always a risk of damage during transit.

Shipping via ocean is a more affordable option than shipping via air, but it will take longer for your items to arrive. If you do not need your items to arrive in Nigeria right away, then shipping via ocean may be a good option for you.

Just like with air shipping, your items will need to be packed very securely when choosing this method.

Also, note that this shipping option initially takes between 21 to 30 days to arrive. In the post-Covid-19 pandemics era, the case is also different. This time, shipping by sea or ocean goes away over 60 to 90 days, depending on some factors too. 

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Packing and Shipping Your Items

When you are finally ready to move your personal belongings to Nigeria, there are a few steps you must take to ensure a smooth transition.

We have already mentioned a few of them in a few paragraphs above. But let’s go over a few of them. 

First, you need to make an inventory of everything you plan on bringing with you. This will help you determine the most efficient way to pack and ship your items.

Next, you need to choose the right shipping method for your needs. There are a few different options available, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. Once you have selected a shipping company, you will need to pack your items properly for shipment.

Finally, it is important to track your shipment and stay in communication with your shipping company throughout the process. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your personal effects arrive in Nigeria safely and without any delays.

Tracking Your Shipment

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the status of your shipment when you’re sending personal effects to Nigeria. The best way to do this is to track your shipment online.

When you track your shipment, you’ll be able to see its current location and estimated delivery date. You can also view the tracking history, which can be helpful if there are any delays.

If you need help tracking your shipment, contact the shipping company that is handling your shipment. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on your shipment.

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Customs Regulations in Nigeria

When shipping personal effects to Nigeria, it is important to be aware of the country’s customs regulations. All personal effects must be declared on a packing list, and all items of value must be declared on a separate customs form. 

Nigerian customs officials are known to be very strict, and it is important to have all required documentation in order before attempting to ship any items into the country. Failure to comply with customs regulations can result in the seizure of goods, delays, or other problems.

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Clearing Shipment of Personal Effects in Nigeria.

Clearing Personal Effects Shipment at ports does not require all of those customs procedures. So, provided the items meet the requirements of the law governing personal effect importation to the designated country. 

3 Conditions to Note

  1. The importer of the items of Personal effects must have a valid foreign travel document.
  2. Must have spent the last nine months in the country from where the cargo is being shipped.
  3. The majority of personal possessions must be used goods.  Contact Bowagate Global 

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Arrival and Unpacking

After your personal effects have arrived in Nigeria, the next step is to unpack and settle into your new home. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your arrival:

1. Take your time unpacking. There’s no need to rush – take your time to unpack everything and get settled into your new home.

2. Get organized from the start. unpacking can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stay organized. Create a list of what needs to be done and where things should go in your new home. This will help you stay on track and avoid any stressful moments.

3. Get to know your new surroundings. Once you’re all unpacked, take some time to explore your new neighbourhood and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. This will help you feel more at home in your new environment.


We hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with all the information you need to ship your personal effects to Nigeria. We understand that the process can be daunting, but by following these steps and using a reputable shipping company, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely and soundly.

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