Direct Shipping and Air Cargo Consolidation (also called ‘Consol’ – in short) are some of the oldest means of shipping by air. In this post, we go a bit detailed in differentiating them, and also explaining some benefits of Direct shipping and Consolidation shipping by Air.

Both methods of shipping are used for general goods, parcels, packages, household items as well as e-commerce businesses among others. 

NOTE: If you know of any other important characteristics, kindly use the comment section so we can update this post from time to time for the benefit of knowledge and information. This post is intended to help you decide which of the methods to go for whenever you are importing goods from any parts of the world to Nigeria. 

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Difference between Direct Shipping and Consolidation Shipping

Although both Direct and Consolidation shipping services are very reliable ways of shipping parcels and items to Nigeria, they both have their separate characteristics. They are used in Air freight shipping for certain positive reasons. There are differences that you need to know.

Some factors helps to determine which one to use for your shipment. They are as follows:

  1. The types/nature of goods you are importing
  2. The level of urgency
  3. Your shipping cost
  4. Suitability for different outfits (firms & individual)
  5. and more.

The stated differences between Direct Shipping and Consolidated Air Shipping gives us some special characteristics and benefits of Direct Shipping. You’ll also find some of the risks and benefits of Direct Shipping and consolidation shipping

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What is Direct Air Shipping?

benefits of direct shipping
Air Freight Shipping

Direct Air shipping is a method of delivering imported goods directly to the customer without including cargos belonging to other importers. This is a direct contrast to consolidated shipping which requires loading smaller cargoes belonging to more people as one shipment.

Unlike consolidation shipping that requires combining multiple shipments as one, and preparing one Airway bill for the bulk, goods shipped with direct shipping method requires preparing a single airway bill carrying the particular item of shipment and therefore manifested as a single shipment.

The direct shipping is mostly recommended as a preferred option especially for importers who have large cargo, requiring a more speedy delivery. 

This post is not intended to conflict with other concepts of Direct Shipping. This post is intended to be educative and informative. It explains in context, what Direct Air Shipping means, in contrast with Air Freight Consolidation.

Direct Shipping may also take place when shipping occurs directly from the manufacturer, producer or the factory directly to the importers, some times, without a mediator. It is mostly used when an importer imports a product for sampling purposes. So the product(s) is/are being shipped directly from the Factory or by the supplier. 

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What is Consolidated Shipping?

Consolidation simply refers to air freight shipping that requires combining several small cargos,

bundles them into a full load (could be busload, truckload, or cargo load) especially collected for the same location.

In an earlier post, we gave 4 reasons why you should consider Air Freight Consolidation

Unlike Direct shipping, with consolidation shipping method, shipments may experience some delays and other negative factors. In all of the factors that affects or relates with consolidation shipping, a reverse situation might be the case when goods are shipped directly.

These two methods of shipping are however, suitable for shipping general goods, parcels, packages, household items as well as e-commerce businesses.

Some Benefits of Direct Shipping

  • No Shipping Delays: Individuals can ship their goods without any form of delay. Because it manifests on a separate Airway bill, it is delivered without wasting time. Unlike Consolidation shipping which usually takes time because shippers have to bring separate packages to make up a full pallet before they are delivered. However, Consolidation shipping reduces cost while Direct Shipping costs more.
  • Ideal Option for Bigger Firms: This method of shipping is mostly preferred for bigger firms like engineering firms, procurement firms, medical equipment shipping companies that need their packages and items within a short time, regardless of the cost. Some times, they do not require the involvement of middlemen, e.g. freight forwarder. It is unlike Consolidation shipping which is suitable for individuals, families and friends, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), e-commerce business, etc.
  • Less Product Damage and guaranteed security of Items: Since there is less handling of the products as goods move directly to the retailer without being bundled up with other gods, the result there is less product damage. Also, the security of the shipment is guaranteed. In consolidation shipping, this some times is not the case as some products may get damaged due to improper packing and combining processes.

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Some Benefits of Consolidation Shipping

  • It Reduces Shipping Cost
  • Ideal for shipping specific personal effects
  • It is suitable for Individuals
  • Good for Mini Importation

How do I reduce the cost of shipping?

if you ever asked that question, then you may be referred to consolidation shipping as you may not be able to save cost by direct shipping shipping.

Contact us for advise here.

Are there risks associated with Direct Shipping

Yes, there are risks associating with Direct Shipping. Anything can happen to goods shipped using any of shipping method. Some of the risk that may arise whether coincidentally or planned are as follows.

  • Unexpected additional costs, e.g. storage.
  • Delays or disruption of the supply chain.
  • Increased insurance premiums.
  • Increased prices of goods for consumers.

Does Direct Shipping relate with Dropshipping?

The concept of drop shipping and direct shipping seems similar. But where direct shipping is a method that delivers merchandises from suppliers to end-customers without any stopping at warehouses or stops, dropshipping is a business model that allows retailers do not need to carry inventories as well, and the order fulfilment is carried out by suppliers and manufacturers. 

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