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FCL Shipping from China to Nigeria

We offer Full Container Load shipping from China to Nigeria. We build solid business relationships with shippers. This guarantees that you have enough space, smooth clearing processes and proper handling of your cargoes, shipping from China to Nigeria.

Shipping from China to Nigeria
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LCL Shipping from China to Nigeria

Even when your cargo does not fill a container, Bowagate Global provides shipping freight from China to Lagos, Nigeria as well as to other States in Nigeria.

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Best Freight forwarder shipping from China to Nigeria

Bowagate Global is a reputable logistics company that offers shipping services from China to Nigeria. We are familiar with China's and Nigeria's customs clearance policies.

We have extensive experience assisting your supplier to create a SONCAP certificate and providing SONCAP if you buy from the market.

Bowagate Global can provide you with better shipping services and rates from any city in China to Nigeria. You can rest assured that your shipment is in capable hands. Enquire now about our lower shipping costs.

Whether you want a quick quote on the cost of shipping from China to Nigeria or the shipping time, just contact Bowagate Global, and we will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Experiencing freight shipping with the Best Logistics Company
in Lagos, Nigeria

Shipping from China to Nigeria can be a challenge.

Most freight forwarders in Nigeria do not care about having a good reputation and tend to hide the shipping costs until the last minute, which is very frustrating for most people.

It’s also difficult to know which shipper is best for you, as there are many factors that should be considered before making a decision. How much does it cost? Is it faster? What services does the company have? Will it deliver on time? You should know all this about any shipping company you consider using.

Twenty-six (26) years in the Logistics field is enough Experience to cater for services like Air Freight Consolidation, Sea Freight Groupage, Cold Chain Logistics, Chartered flight, Door to Door Services, customs clearing amongst other services.

Our biggest strength is in handling deliveries via Air Freight & Sea Freight Shipping.

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Our Vision has always been to become a Global Key Player in the Logistics field with a strong business ethic and customer base. We have worked on becoming the most preferred logistics company in Lagos, Nigeria.

What makes us stand out in our mission to be the best freight shipping company in Lagos is the fact that we provide excellent logistics services that will make our customers successful in their own businesses.

We have created a pace by building a long term relationship with our clients and providing exceptional customer service while pursuing business through innovative and advanced technology.


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Our company offers the best shipping service from China to Nigeria for goods shipment by FCL, LCL, Bulk-cargo ship, and we offer good freight at a lower price than the market.

Sea Ports in Africa


Bowagate Global have a strong relationship with strong bodies in International Trade and has been in the Sea freight business with well-built confidence and success.

Sea Ports in Africa


We offer Exwork Services which entails the entire process of picking up from your supplier, shipping/freighting as well as clearing & delivering the shipment at Importers Door.

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