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Why your Consignments may be delayed during the Yuletide

Under normal circumstances, longer delivery time is known to be a major challenge peculiar with sea freight shipping. But as it is, the menace also affects air freight during the yuletide or holiday periods, with no sign of a different expectation this year. But what might be the major cause of the delayed shipping in December particularly? 

If there is one piece of warning service providers offer their clients/customers in any type of business, (especially logistics) before the yuletide periods, then it is definitely on time-consciousness. Relatively, in shipping (whether importation or exportation), the clients should have a better plan by consulting a more reliable freight forwarding company to advise and guide through the process, earlier enough before the December rush. 

Every year, it gets worse as shipping delay threatens the Christmas and New Year holidays and this year won’t be an exception. 

Most interesting yet unpleasant, is the fact that most people have plans to take advantage of the yuletide rush to amass sales but for the delays, this might not happen. Many importers have had expectations to receive their consignment in order to prepare for several events in the yuletide such as partying, gifting etc, but would be cut short by the menace. 

What we expect our clients to do is to give us a call in to seek advice, request a quote online and get the best shipping guide in order to avoid delayed shipping in December.


But what are the causes of Delays?

Shipment delays are caused by several factors. About a week ago, 12th of December, 2019 to be precise, FedEx and UPS were reportedly facing shipping delays due to the holiday surge. Obviously, this is basically speaking of congestion as more people are ordering or importing goods within this period. 

On the other side, more goods are entering the port through importation/exportation. And so, there is a high expectation of the arrival of consignments by millions of people around the globe, at the same time. 

Consequently, certain other factors may affect cargo movements. They are;

  1. Disruption of flight arrangements in air shipping of goods.
  2. A large influx of goods for import or export
  3. Logistics Constraints within the period
  4. Lack of proper coordination of the freights
  5. Heavy travelling by air. There is a high volume of passengers over cargo leading to hike in the cost of shipment of cargoes, especially by air. 
  6. Weather condition or Climate change, especially in air freight.
  7. Thorough Customs Checking process where the service is 100% customs clearing.
  8. Delay of Vessels within the yuletide period


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What can I do to avoid delayed shipping in December

Well, to prevent delay, you want to request a Quote much earlier. Ensure all shipping arrangements are made before the rush hours. The earlier the shipping arrangements, the better for all of us as we would not have to witness any form of delay in the arrival of your consignments.


How much more days am I to wait for my consignment?

Unfortunately, we ask the same question. How many more days are there to wait for our clients’ deliveries? 2 days, 1 week? 1 month more? Apparently, there is an uncontrollable condition probably responsible for this challenge which takes place this time, every year.

However, the situation could have been controlled should there have been an earlier consultation as our professionals are ever ready to attend to the immediate need of her clients.


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Engaging The Services Of Freight Forwarding Company

You definitely need the services of a qualified freight forwarder. In our opinion, it is the best option if you want to avoid delays. It’s so because, with the professionals, you’re bound to have all your worries shouldered and all mistakes voided by an able company in due time, with all necessary paperwork perfectly put in place for you.

At BowaGate Global, our professionals understand the best shipping time, best shipping company and way around customs clearing. To avoid delayed shipping in December period, there’s more likelihood that you would require some professional guides. Using our premium service can save you a heart-ache. We also understand the various documents required for customs clearing.

BowaGate Global has got a highly discounted rate for you if you are thinking of shipping within the yuletide period. We know you would need real-time assistance on how to save money importing by air or any other shipping services. On this note, we have our lines open so you can talk to a freight expert to further assist you.


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Let’s Guide You Through The Process

Give us a call on (+234)814 7068 472. Our lines are open during business hours. You can also send an email to [email protected].

We are experts in Freight Forwarding and a Licensed Customs Agent. We handle customs clearing and freight forwarding with ease. Our services are cheap (affordable), fast (swift) and reliable. We can help you avoid delayed shipping in December.

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