The world is currently dealing with a situation that was birthed by a threatening virus. Currently, its effect on international trade, especially in logistics, has welcomed everyone to a new normal.  In this post, we identify some important things to do in dealing with the new normal in Logistics in 2021.

You see, running a business involving importation and exportation, be it air freight, sea freight shipping, road and rail freight, can be challenging. Despite that, we saw lots of unexpected occurrences last year, most of which led to failed businesses, while a few businesses witnessed positive result, regardless.

Realtime adjustments are currently springing up and many companies will face the problem of not having enough time to plan their logistics processes, due to the rise of the second phase of COVID-19 pandemic. 

A lot of businesses have been caught in an unexpected situation already and a lot of lessons learnt. This should not go with you in the year 2021. There are so many logistics hurdles to cross in freight shipping to Nigeria and other parts of the world. If properly managed, running your business will be seamless.

Dealing with the new normal in Logistics in 2021

Blend with the New Normal in Logistics, fast!

In dealing with the new normal in Logistics in 2021, everyone must know that things are no longer the way they used to be before the last quarter of 2019. As it is now, many global managers are adapting to the “new normal” which requires understanding the current world situation in regards to factors like the pandemic, the exchange rate, etc.

The traditional way of getting things done in international trade is in a real sense taking a fresh new turn. The fear is actually that of the fact that economic growth across the world will, over the next several years, be wildly uneven because of the imperative adjustments. 

As an importer or exporter, you want to understand the need to make thorough enquiries from your Forwarder (especially a reliable one) in order to hold on to the right information and work with it to give your business a consistent balancing and growth, in this era.

Doing this will also help you to avoid making costly mistakes while going about your business.

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Outsource to the Right Forwarder and Clearing Agent

Regardless of the direction of the new normal, many manufacturing companies are still in business, thanks to the advantage of outsourcing. It explains why you should not have to lift the heavy burdens alone where you have a reliable Forwarder to handle your shipping needs, including Financing and Insurance.

As a manufacturer or seller, when you outsource the movement or importation of your productions, goods or materials, you stand a greater chance of focusing on diversification of business or focus on other important assignments.

Are you looking for a Professional Forwarder with many years of successful deliveries? We’re just one WhatsApp Chat away. 

Make Proper Research Before-Hand

As mentioned in the first point, information is vital. Who and Where you get them from is important as well. A piece of inadequate or half-baked information can drown a business regardless of the depth of its foundation. 

It is important for you, especially in international trade, to gather as many relevant information as possible through adequate research. In business, you want to record profits at every given time. We want you to, of course, as much as we want to as well. 

You want to know the current position of things in the country of import, or where your consignments are heading in terms of export. 

You also want to ensure that you get it right from the beginning, otherwise, you may lose your entire shipment to new principles you were never privy about. 

Also, you want to ensure that you gather a handful of relative information early enough before taking expensive steps.

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Protect yourself for others

Before the pandemic, recall that there was a continual movement across borders, non-stop. The clock ticked and activities run along, all day, all night. Even goods and materials are not left out. Travelling by Air, Sea, Road, or Sea (whether for cargo, work, or tourism), continued as nothing would halt it. 

Today, gloved handshakes, lots of strategic meetings are the call of the day as the ‘new normal’ is apparently a bit confusing for many. Things are no longer the same and this has left the shipping, logistics and transportation industry an obscure picture of what may likely come peradventure Covid-19 dies away.

In all of these, there is an important call for protection pending when or if COVID-19 begins to decline. You want to ensure that you have your masks just like everyone else within your environment, to protect self for others. 

The business succeeds only when we’re alive, hail and hearty!

Encourage your Forwarder or Customs Agents

Well, this as belittled as it seems, is very important. The question is, do you want your Forwarder or Agent to consistently offer selfless values? 

Yes, we all want that!

Ensure that at every point when they return a bright grin on your face, to always leave behind unbiased feedback. You surely know what positive feedback means to your business. It helps you to be able to identify where you need to improve. 

Same applies to your Freight Forwarder or Customs Agent. They tend to determine to do put in more effort next time thereby building a long-lasting relationship between your business and theirs. 

Wrap Up

With more than 20 years of observing new businesses try to get into international trade, we have seen quite a lot, but the last few months have shown us an entirely new way to operate. The years of experience in Freight Shipping and Customs Clearing has led our way up above peers and that is why we have been able to sail through the existing new normal. 

We have seen many mistakes made and many companies fail. New importers have been drenched and drowned away due to the recent happening. A few who stayed guided are very much in business, importing and exporting weekly, and seamlessly. So in dealing with the new normal in Logistics, the above listed becomes unavoidable.

Let’s take you through a whole new perspective to the importation of consumer goods, general goods, on what new importers, particularly those dealing in consumer goods, should not do.

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