Shipping Medical and Food Materials has been expectedly on the rise to help cushion the effect of the pandemics on the suffering populace.

Apparently, the issue of the Lockdown across countries of the world is not only alarming, disheartening, and threatening to the national economy, but indeed sudden and unexpected to have happened to the world at large.

We are wary of the fact that the entire world system is facing a tremendous shake due to the widespread of the wild Corona-Virus popularly known as COVID-19. A situation that has affected a lot of normal life activities and requires adequate attention to curb, even though still uncertain.

Read more information about COVID-19 on the WHO Website.

Shipping Medical and Food Materials

No doubt, the pandemic has sent everyone, including businesses, into a compulsory stay-at-home and stay-safe policy, regardless of colour, tribe, status, as it creates a deepening threat on the old ones above 65 and 70+ or people with imbalance immune system particularly.

Hundreds of coronavirus deaths are reported in the US and UK every day. Each one marks a devastating loss for a family or community somewhere in the country or outside the country.

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We use this medium to sympathize with them and all other parts of the world currently being tormented with a high number of cases of the infection and subsequent deaths.

The situation notwithstanding has, however, not stopped BowaGate Global in spite of several daunting limitations. We have been resilient and will continue to serve our clients/customers.

So, are you shipping medical and food materials to Nigeria or need advise about shipping these essential items? We’re more than willing to shoulder the effort and guarantee you an easy ride.

How Prepared Are We?

We understand the challenge in the shipping and we are doing our very best in managing potential health and business risks within our operations internationally.

While we have been maintaining very strict measures, our top priority has been the health and safety of our people and our customers, since the outbreak of the COVID-19.

In that event, we have, however, made arrangement to attend to clients from home and have since been shipping imported goods from China in particular.

Protective Efforts and Precautionary Steps

In order to keep ourselves safe and active for customers need, we have since adopted certain restrictions, close office and work from home as we communicate daily with clients from start to fulfilment of their orders.

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We have also supplied protective masks for our employee’s on-field operations as required by position and/or regional exposure risk. We heightened control, hygiene and other preventive measures.

These steps are with a view to minimizing the spread of the virus while protecting ourselves for everyone else. We owe each other a duty of care during the pandemic.

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