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The exportation business in Nigeria is a lucrative one. This is because the profit you are making from the business is in hard currency (dollars, pounds, or euros). In this post, we share with you 20 Products to export from Nigeria and make cool money from.

The problem here is that some people want to go into the exportation business but they do not know the product they can export apart from oil-related products or where to export and how they can export these products in other to make a profit.  

At Bowa-Gate Global,  here are some of the products you can export from Nigeria as well as some of the countries you can export to. At the end of it, we will also give you tips on what you need to know before you embark on the exportation business.

Products to export from Nigeria

A list of items you can export from Nigeria includes; Ginger, Cocoa butter, Rubber, Palm kernel oil, Textiles and garments, Gallstone, Sesame seed, Garlic, Yam tubers, Charcoal, Cotton, Cassava floor, Cashew Nuts, Honey, Shrimps, Snail, Chili pepper, Fruit Juice, Poultry, Cosmetics and Soap, wigs and hair attachments.

GINGER: It is one good farm product to export from Nigeria to other countries. It is a hot, fragrant spice made from the rhizome of a plant, which may be chopped or powdered for cooking, preserved in syrup, or candied. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of Ginger. It is also one of the most traded spices in the world because of its health benefits and medicinal purposes. You can start trading this item by exporting to major importers like the USA, Japan, Pakistan, Netherlands, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.

COCOA BUTTER: Cocoa butter also known as Theobroma oil, is a pale yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans. It is used in making chocolates, ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. This is why the demand is so high in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, and France.

RUBBER: It is a tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically. Nigeria is a major producer of rubber in Africa. It has also central testing laboratories to ensure that only certified products leave the country. Top partner countries to which Nigeria exports rubber includes India, Spain, France, South Africa, and the USA.

PALM KERNEL OIL: It is edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm commonly called African oil palm. It is used for the manufacturing of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, confectioneries, etc. The uses of this oil are broad which is why the demand for it from other parts of the world is much. You can export to China, the United States, EU countries, Brazil and India.

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TEXTILES AND GARMENTS: Nigeria’s textile and garments industry is a huge business for exporters especially now that CBN (Central Bank OF Nigeria) has restricted access to foreign exchange to importers of textile, garments, and cloths to Nigeria, in other to boost the production of locally made materials for export. Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, UK, Malaysia Netherlands, etc. needs Nigerian-made Textile and Garments because of its texture and quality.

GALLSTONE: It is a clay-like solid substance gotten from the gallbladder of matured cow or ox. A good quality gallstone should be dried upon collection of some quantity say 100kg, you can now parcel them and send them to buyers abroad who pay with hard currency when they receive them. Import countries include; Hong Kong, China, Germany, Bahrain, Canada, Israel, etc.

SESAME SEED: Sesame seeds are tiny, oil-rich seeds that grow in pods on the Sesamum indicum plant. This can be found in quantity in states like Sokoto, Jigawa, Benue, Nassarawa, and Taraba. There is an increase in demand worldwide for Sesame seeds.

GARLIC: It is a strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavoring in cooking and in herbal medicine, as well as in orthodox medicine. With internationally certified good quantities of garlic, you are sure of foreign hard currencies.

YAM TUBERS: Exporting Yam from Nigeria is a good business to embark on. There is the availability of yam in states like Benue, Ekiti, Edo, Ebony, Imo, Niger, Sokoto, Osun, Oyo, etc. Once you are able to adhere to quality and regulations guarding the exportation of yam tubers to foreign countries, then you start making your hard currencies.

CHARCOAL: Tens of thousands of metric tons of charcoal are exported yearly from Nigeria and the revenues are generated to make the sector lucrative. A large market exists in the EU, USA, and Asia with PRICES going up to $1,000 per ton depending on the mode of packaging.

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COTTON: Cotton is the most natural source of fiber and it is in demand internationally. Already Nigeria is missing out among the selected 15 African countries on the share of cotton in product export by the world cotton market on Cottonguide.org where Burkina Faso and Benin are ranked numbers 1 and 2. Cotton is in high demand in countries like China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Hong Kong.

CASSAVA FLOUR: Cassava flour is a food for all in Nigeria because of the various method in which it can be prepared. The demand for well-processed cassava flour is increasing in Europe, the Middle East, and America.

CASHEW NUTS: Nigeria is one of the largest producers of raw cashew nuts in shells worldwide with a yearly export volume of at least $167million dollars and untapped yearly potentials of over $115.8 million dollars. You can export to India, Vietnam, Netherland, Germany, UK, Belgium, etc.

HONEY: The exportation of honey is a lucrative Agribusiness around the world. This is so because honey has a lot of economic and health values. A liter of honey can fetch you good dollars in the foreign market. Major importers of honey are the USA, Germany, Japan, UK, France, China, Italy, Belgium, etc.

SHRIMPS:  Shrimp is a small free-swimming crustacean with an elongated body, typically marine and frequently of commercial importance as food. Interestingly shrimps are one of the largest Agricultural exports of Nigeria. The demand for shrimp is high in countries like France, the USA, the UK, China, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, etc.

SNAIL: Good quantity of snail production could fetch you a whole lot of foreign exchange. There is a ready market for your product and snails are in high demand in European countries and America. Snail is easy to rear and it does not require much to feed it.

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CHILI PEPPER: Starting a chili pepper Agro export business is one of the most profitable businesses to do. Nigeria is blessed with good weather which supports the proper growth and production of the internationally accepted pepper. Germany, UK, USA, Canada, France… these are countries you can export chili pepper.

FRUIT JUICE: Fruit juice has a great potential for export, especially on the west coast where indeed a lot of export is taking place. Nigeria has so many naturally grown fruit all over the country which provide the best fruit juice products of great quality.

POULTRY: Poultry here involves all domestic birds, eggs,s or meat. Nigeria poultry farm products are still needed in both African and Western countries because our weather conditions for poultry farming are the best, also high population growth is leading to increasing in demand for poultry products around the world. Poultry product export from Nigeria is an avenue that is still yet or highly untapped.

COSMETICS AND SOAP: The growth recorded in this very important part of our economy is awesome. There are still challenges like the lack of using good technology in the production of cosmetics or the procurement of good technological equipment to produce cosmetics in great quantity to compete favorably with cosmetics made in other developed countries. Cosmetics and soap produced in Nigeria can be exported to African countries where they are needed.

WIGS AND HAIR ATTACHMENTS: Nigeria’s beauty industry has experienced impressive growth in recent years, and it is largely buoyed by patronage from the emerging young population which places a premium on ‘packaging’ (looking good).

The abundance of both locally and foreign wigs and hair attachments in our markets, the profit involved in it, and the demand for these products from neighboring countries have prompted some people to start exporting them to these countries and beyond. It will interest you to know that Nigerians are exporting to other African countries, Malaysia, China, etc.


There is no limit to the profit you can make in exporting from Nigeria, but first, you have to understand the nitty-gritty of going into such a business. Apart from these items listed above, there are other numerous items you can export. It is very important to understand the rules and regulations guiding the exportation of these products to other countries.

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