There is no gain-saying the fact that Exportation business is really a good business to venture into, but there are things you need to know before you can go into it. This will help you prepare well, get ready for the business. If you do not get informed about these things, you might face some challenges which ordinarily you should have avoided in the first instant. Some of the TIPS you need to know before you can start exportation business in Nigeria include;

·         You need to set a goal. This goal could be, I want to start to exporting at least 300kg

·         You need to get some capital to start exportation business.

·         You need to know the item(s) you want to export for instances Ginger, Garlic, Cashew Nuts, Palm oil, Food stuffs, Honey, Textile and Garments etc.

·         You need to know Where to source for these items.

·         You need to get a buyer in the country you want to export to or someone who is willing to market your product in the country you want to export.

·         Deal with an experienced shipper or export Agent who knows about the items you want to export, to any country.

·         These  Agent must know if these items are allowed into the country you are exporting to, the quantity in which they are allowed, the law, rule and regulation guiding exportation of these products to the country.

·         He should also know the form in which these items have to be exported, whether dry or fresh.

·         Proper packaging and labeling should also be carried out by the export Agent.

·         Most importantly, you need to know how much this product is sold in the country you want to export.

·         This is to enable you work out the profit margin in other to know if you are making profit or not.

·         Finally ensure you communicate effectively with parties involved (export agent, your buyer).

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