This post is for you if you are searching for what to import from Turkey to Nigeria, whether for the purpose of reselling (wholesale or retail), or to build a big brand.

If you are considering a good country to import products from, one country severally overlooked is Turkey. 

Having handled freight shipping and customs clearing services for customers importing products from Turkey over the years, we have learned that Turkey is one of the few places in the world where you can import quality and affordable products to sell in Nigeria.

You may ask about the biggest customers importing from Turkey.

Europe, topping the list, followed by Germany, Europe, Spain and the UK (before Brexit), the Netherlands, France, the United States, Denmark, Iraq and Poland are the biggest importers from Turkey as of 2020.

In 2020, there was a drop in overall export from Turkey because of the hard effect of the pandemic which globally intensified the uncertainties of doing business in the usual. 

According to reports, Turkey exports in 2020 went down by 0.9% compared to 2019 due to the effect of the worldwide pandemic. Although the scourge of the pandemic is still in effect, if properly negotiated according to Allan Bracken BA on negotiation styles, you may come up with excellent deals in the Trade Market in 2021.

Having said this, let’s dive into the 6 hottest selling products you can import from Turkey to Nigeria in 2021.

Import Apparel, Home Textile and Fabrics from Turkey to Nigeria

It will interest you that when it comes to importing from Turkey, a good number of advantages are available especially if you are into importation of fashion stuff. 

The rate of increased Importation of fashion items from Turkey in recent years shows that there is a global demand for the purchase of Turkish apparel, home textiles and different kinds of fabrics  or Turkish garments.

Import from Turkey to Nigeria
Image Credit: Fibre2Fashion

Over the last year, Turkey’s fashion exports have been on a steady increase with items such as T-Shirts, Beach Wears, Pants-shorts, Home Textiles, Bags, Shoes, Cosmetics, Skirt, etc.

Based on statistics, just in the wake of the pandemic in January 2020, fashion exports from Turkey have remained on the increase. There seems to have been a shift from Importation of fashion wears from China to Nigeria within the period.

We have a good number of clients who often receive their shipments weekly at our warehouse. This is evidence to which we are aware that the fashion business is not just lucrative, but coming from Turkey, it is more than we can imagine.

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Importation of Jewelries and Precious Stones from Turkey to Nigeria

The most eye-catching designs of jewelry items are produced in Turkey.

The Turkish jewelry industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, with the number of exporters increasing yearly. The top five destinations for Turkish jewelry exports are the U.K., United Arab Emirates, the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Importing from Turkey to Nigeria
Gold Rings | Image Credit: Gold Shop – Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Turkey is the world’s 17th largest exporter of gold. By this, the country is proven as a global leader in exporting gold. The demand for Turkish Jewelry is still on the rise as of 2021. You can get a great profit from importing jewelry and precious stones from Turkey.

The prices of jewelry items are cheaper in Turkey than they are in other parts of the world. Although the prices of the precious items are fixed worldwide. But due to the low labor cost in Turkey, the Jewelries are quite affordable for importation to Nigeria from Turkey. 

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Importation of Medical Equipment from Turkey to Nigeria

If you are into the importation of medical equipment from Turkey to Nigeria, then you’re not missing it. Over the period, many countries have lifted tariffs on some medical supplies, e.g. ethyl alcohol, disposable medical mask, medical ventilator, including turkey. This move is to ensure equipment security in fighting the virus.

Besides the basic necessities for fighting the Corona Virus, there are also medical equipment you can import from Turkey to Nigeria today. They are as follows:

List of Medical Instruments you can import from Turkey to Nigeria

  1. Cataract Surgical Instrument
  2. Ventilators
  3. Medical lights (Operating light, examination light)
  4. Mortovent traceastormy set & filters
  5. Laryngeal masks
  6. Humidifier chamber
  7. Nebulizer bottle 
  8. Resuscitation bags
  9. Mapleson breathing system
  10. Nebulizer bottle
  11. Operating tables & accessories 
  12. Surgical suction units
  13. Electrosurgical devices

Our team of professionals is available to assist all the way in ensuring your medical equipment gets to the shores of Nigeria without any form of challenges. This is regardless of which shipping method you are using.

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Importing Rugs and Carpets from Turkey to Nigeria

Carpets and other textile floor coverings are beautiful decorations in our homes, offices, schools, and places of religion.

Import from Turkey to Nigeria
Vintage Turkish Rug | Image Credit: Revival Rugs

No doubt, India is the most commonly referred place for hand-made carpets and rugs. The history of carpet weaving started from ancient Indian traditions. The industry is flourishing in the country.

However, According to World Atlas, Turkey is one of the world’s largest exporters of man-made rugs and carpets.

Importation of Marble TIles and Ceramics from Turkey to Nigeria

Turkey is not only famous with its pristine beaches and down-to-earth people, but also for its exquisite arts. Having undergone centuries of cultural heritage, Turkey has evolved into a country where one can find anything from turquoise to rugs and carpets.

There are many tile resources around Turkey and they have been exporting some of the most beautiful tiles such as mosaic, marble, and ceramic.

Marble tiles and Ceramic are in high demand in major places in Nigeria.

Ceramic Plates

Importation of Suits from Turkey to Nigeria

Turkey Mens suits photo | Best suits for men, Cool suits, Mens suits Import from Turkey to Nigeria

The high Chinese salaries are making China less price competitive with other countries exporting clothing to Nigeria and other countries.


Due to the shortfalls of China in recent times (besides the unpredictable condition of the pandemics), the exportation of Turkish clothing, Turkish garments, kids’ wear, shoes, etc, will continue to rise, most especially to the European Union Market.

Turkish apparel has a much better quality image than Chinese apparel and they have been importing suits to Nigeria for years. To this, we can recommend that you start importing suits from Turkey.

Wrap Up

There is one major benefit of importing generally. That is, giving the developing nations an opportunity to boost their economy, produce higher quality products, and increase revenue by introducing a new product into foreign markets.

With more than 20 years of running Freight Shipping and Customs Clearing Business in Nigeria, we have observed quite a lot of successful importers. Most of them are in the business of importing some of the above-mentioned goods. We have watched them manage their businesses from scratch to a solid growth. You too Can.

International trade is not that easy and so, it requires the help of the experienced to help you avoid making mistakes. In the past, we have seen quite a lot, but the last few decades have shown us an entirely new way to operate. Our experience in Freight Shipping and Customs Clearing has led our way up above peers and that is why we at Bowa-gate Global Limited have been able to identify what works and what does not in the interest of our growing customer base.

We have seen many mistakes made and many individuals and companies fall prey of scammers or fraudulent shipping companies. New exporters have been drenched and drowned away due to poor handling of their businesses by some fake or inexperienced ‘forwarders’. A few who stayed guided are very much in business, importing and exporting weekly, and seamlessly. 

Let’s take you through a whole new perspective exporting your Charcoal to any location of your desire. We also do exportation of consumer goods, general goods.

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