Although a lot of folks think that the COVID-19 has killed mini importation and other eCommerce business models such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, email marketing and so on. We still believe you should think mini-importation if you wish to start importation business from scratch. Businesses in the COVID 19 era have apparently taken a new turn.
The rapid spread of the COVID-19 is devastating and its impact on the globe can not be overemphasised. The increasing number of cases is no doubt eating up a major chunk of world economies with a seeming irreversible pressure. This is so, such that in barely 6 months between November 2019 and May 2020, a lot has been witnessed in all business spheres.

Starting Small? Think Mini-Importation

The Sharp Rise Effect Opportunity Taking advantage of the sharp rise effect opportunity, mini importation, of course, alongside other related business models becomes a hot business to consider now. Looking at the sharp rise effect on healthcare, social media, telecommunication and e-learning, it is imperative to think in corresponding directions.

What Sharp Rise Effect is.

It is merely a syndrome of growth or rise, driven by an uncontrollable or irresistible circumstance such as the case of the COVID 19 pandemic. Going by analysis, there is a rise responding in a directly proportionate manner to the present world situation. This syndrome has created a huge vacuum, which obviously left some businesses locked down in it, while others are directly affected to rise consequently.
This sharp rise is seen directly affecting four or five specific industries, i.e. The Healthcare, Social Media, Telecommunication, Gaming & eLearning.

One (1) Specific Industry to Look into

Why this is considered in this article is to help direct your attention to areas you should put into consideration. For the sake of the subject matter, we’d be dwelling on the health care as it pertains to mini-importation. So if you wish to start small, think min-importation of health care facilities to Nigeria.
Healthcare or Medicals Recall our recent post, the FGN had lifted the compulsory Import Duty fee on medicals.
This additionally adds to the value an importer stands to enjoy. It is no longer news that this is a boom period for businesses in the healthcare industry and its value chain. A lot of medical products and services are in high demand, such as surgical masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, vitamins and supplements, home healthcare and medical supplies, with many healthcare companies struggling to meet demands.
Though saving lives is paramount in times like this, that has not stopped healthcare companies from smiling to the bank. So, if you are thinking of starting small, think to tap the healthcare section, import medical items such as hand sanitizers, liquid handwash among other medical-related products.

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