Firstly, we understand the scourge of COVID-19 is still hard on the world economy presently. It has, unfortunately, taken lots of lives in many countries. It has also rendered very many at high risk of contracting the virus. Different kinds of epidemics solutions have been proffered and communicated for preventive measures. So, in this post, we highlight the top 5 common epidemics prevention products currently gaining popularity.

The purpose of this subject is to use all available medium, particularly this blog post to express that there is cogent need to help everyone, including you, discover, at a glance, certain products that can help manage the pandemic situation. The one thing available for us is to consider serious means of protecting ourselves while protecting others.

The Epidemics Prevention Product

The Face Masks

The mask covers the nose down to the mouth to either prevent the transmission or passage of droplets from an infected person to an uninfected. The two parties may use it to both prevent the transfer of virus or prevent being infected by the affected, by turning either side of the mask (green side for an affected, and the white side for one trying to avoid an infection).

COVID-19 FacemaskThis item was in high demand leading to the shortage. But there is good news.

According to reports, China now makes 200 million face masks a day. So the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spurred a quantum leap on this product, causing its product to rise more than twenty-five times the amount its production in the month of February 2020. This is more likely to increase within the next month.

The mask is in two categories which include the lightweight ones commonly worn by people in the hope of protection against coronavirus. Also, the heavy-duty N95 masks used by health-care workers.

There is a potential market for this epidemics prevention product as it will remain hot selling. Smart importers around the world would want to take advantage of this opportunity to supply them locally.

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Foam Soap Dispenser

Before the COVID-19, there was already a need to keep a clean or hygiene environment to avoid infections.

A soap dispenser is a device that dispenses soap when triggered appropriately. Although it is usually in small, single-use quantities, often found in public toilets and used to wash the hands washed. It comes in various types but the one discussed here is with infrared technology, usually used automatically.

COVID-19 Foam Soap Dispenser

Infrared Sensing Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser features a near-field infrared sensor. With this advantage, it can instantly identify the hand within 5cm. It also squeezes out the foam as fast as 0.25s. It is as small as a toothbrush cup, you can put it in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony easily.

There is also a potential market for this item. It is indeed hot selling being a pandemic preventive product. Smart importers around the world would want to take advantage of this opportunity to supply them locally. You should consider importing this.

Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer often has a form of alcohol, such as ethyl alcohol, as an active ingredient and works as an antiseptic, that fights germs. Other ingredients could include water, fragrance, and glycerin. Other non-alcohol based hand sanitizers contain an antibiotic compound called triclosan or triclocarban.

COVID-19: Import Hand SanitizerWhen it comes to priority check, this item is in no particular order, one of the best to put into adept consideration in this era. The hand sanitizer, just like the foaming soap dispenser and natural means of washing hands with soap and water, is an important epidemic protective mixture.

In an overview by Allied Market Reach, the Global Hand Sanitizer Market size was valued at $919 million in 2016 to reach $1,755 million by 2023. The product is expected to have growth at CAGR of 9.9% from 2017 to 2023. Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic solution, which is used as an alternative to soap and water. It is used to prevent the transmission of infection, which is majorly caused through hand transmission, further causing several diseases such as nosocomial food-borne illness and others.

As at early March 2020, CBCN reported that “sales of hand sanitizer are skyrocketing due to the coronavirus, leading to rationing and price hikes”. As a result, in very many locations, this essential commodity has witnessed a corresponding skyrocketed scarcity.

This is more likely to continue for as long as there is a need to maintain hygiene sanity in the society, and the world at large.

Non-Contact Electronic or Infrared Thermometer

The Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to take your temperature in just 1 second! This instrument is currently trending, not only in hospitals but in offices and various other places including homes. It is a multipurpose thermometer which offers 3 modes. One, it measures body temperature; two, it measures surface temperature and three, it measures room temperature.

In the global market outlook, 2024, the market for the non-contact thermometer is envisaged to grow at a CAGR of over 11%. The major factor responsible for the growth of this product in the market is a medical condition such as swine flu, dengue, malaria, and now COVID-19. These categories of ailments require reading body temperature in order to decide the line of treatment.

In connection to the above, this commodity is a pandemic preventive product that is currently trending and has a ready waiting market for it as there are high demands.

Personal Ionic Air Purifier

Epidemics Prevention ProductsThe term Air Purifier is self-explanatory. The product is another epidemics protective product and is simply used to purify the air around you. It uses ionic technology to reduce pollutants like dust, germs, smoke, and pollen.

Walking through a polluted city that’s consumed with smoke, pollen, and other contaminants have always been dreadful. The same can be said of riding in a vehicle that’s filled with stuffy and stale air. What if you could escape these conditions with your own personal bubble of clean, fresh air?

This epidemics protective product is not commonly talked about but there are various types around. It is best selling and good for importation.

The Personal ionic air purifier is a portable technology that usually hung around the neck or held closely to help escape a pollution-fisted air. In this case, the product is in high demand as it supposedly helps in curbing or preventing exposure to a polluted environment, yet another epidemics prevention products.


It is grossly understood that in the face of the dreadful epidemics, many people have swung into a frantic search for importable epidemics prevention products. This they do, either to resell or keep for protective purposes. Most businesses have taken a swerve around the problems by attempting to create a suitable environment for other people. In this course, making a living attempting to manage the problem, one way or the other.

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