To receive clearance for cargos imported into Nigeria, Importers/ consignees must present the followings

  • Bill of lading/ Airway bill
  • Single Good Declaration form, Commercial invoice Exit Note
  • Duly completed Form M
  • Packing list
  • SONCAP Certificate (if required)
  • Regulatory Certificate; (If required) i.e NAFDAC, SON etc and
  • Product Certificate
  • PAAR (Pre- arriver assessment report)

Until recently, the importer was also required to submit a combined Certificate Value & Origin (CCVO) which contains the destination of cargos, port destination, country of origin, date of shipment, country of supply etc.
However, in line with international trading procedures and recommendations from stakeholders, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) reviewed its trade transactions guidelines and replaced the CCVO with the simpler Certificate of Origin in April 2017. The revision also prescribes a 48-hour maximum processing time from the receipt of application.