Bowagate Global Limited is now in an official membership with JCtrans – The global professional logistics service platform.

As a reputable third-party logistics service provider with years of experience in the international logistics industry, Bowagate is honored to be a part of JCtrans and looks forward to working with other members to provide quality logistics services to clients around the world. 

As a JCtrans member, Bowagate will have access to JCtrans resources, including the latest industry news, trends, and analysis.

In addition, Bowagate will be able to connect with other members of JCtrans’ global network to expand its business reach. 

This membership is a testament to Bowagate’s commitment to quality and excellence in the logistics industry. Bowagate will continue to provide quality services to its clients and contribute to the advancement of the international logistics industry.

What JCtrans Network stands for?

JCtrans Network is a global logistics network connecting logistics service providers with each other and with their customers. The network provides a platform for logistics service providers to list their services, connect with each other, and find new customers.

The JCtrans Network was founded in 2003 with the mission to make global logistics more efficient and to improve the lives of logistics service providers around the world. Today, the network is used by logistics service providers in over 100 countries.

JCTrans uses network marketing promotion, transaction, settlement platforms, financial protection, credit system, and other diverse services to provide worldwide networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers.

Why we joined JCtrans? 

From our experience in advancing our freight forwarding services, we have dealt with numerous challenges while dealing with importers and exporters, and shippers as well as serving and organizing the transportation of their freight according to their demands.

Therefore, we decided that we should engage with other forwarders, logistics providers, and shippers within the community to help us identify what needs improvement and collaboration, so the JCtrans network has become an excellent platform by which our company becomes widely recognized around the world under JCtrnas’s name banner.

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Our membership with JCtrans will help foster the relationship with our customers in various capacities, especially risk mitigation.

As already known, risks always happen: anywhere, anytime in the world with regard to international transportation. The agents may make some mistakes or errors by releasing cargo without surrendering the original bill of lading or may not pick up cargo at the port of destination, or a case of cargo loss or damage, and so on.

In light of the above, the Agent or Freight forwarder’s utmost guarantee may be in a body like WCA, or JCtrans for providing a full range of insurance solutions for international freight forwarding and logistics enterprises with customization, low premium rates, and wide coverage.

This is one thing JCtrans assures its members, and to guarantee our customers maximum protection, we have gone into partnership with JCtrans.

membership with JCtrans

How Bowagate Global Limited plans to work with JCtrans

Bowagate Global Limited is a premium freight forwarding with global standards that have done business with top corporate organizations across industries, both locally and internationally.

We plan to continue to render advanced procedures to our freight forwarding services with excellence abounding in both local and global marketplaces.

Bowagate Global Limited will keep expanding its business model by penetrating into new geographies and verticals and by offering innovative solutions to customers.

Bowagate Global is excited about her new membership with the JCtrans Network, the leading global logistics, and transportation network!

This membership gives us access to JCtrans’ database of 58 thousand reliable freight forwarding companies around the globe, which will help us expand our reach and better serve our clients. In addition, JCtrans provides a platform for us to showcase our services to potential clients from all over the world.

We are looking forward to utilizing this membership to grow our business and serve our clients even better. If you have any questions about our new membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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