In today’s post, we will be showing you some good reasons to import gift items from Dubai to Nigeria, and also a list of items you can import to Nigeria from Dubai in 2021 – 2022.

Dubai has fast become the new gateway to America, Canada and even Europe for hundreds of businessmen across Nigeria. It is no surprise that some business men are now beginning to consider Dubai as a place for business expansion outside of Nigeria. They see it as an opportunity for quick start businesses while at the same time creating more jobs in their respective states.

About United Arab Emirate (Dubai)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the biggest countries to import gift items. Both small scale and large scale importers from different countries around the world (except China) consider UAE a great place to buy and sell.

So, due to the many shopping centers in the country, Dubai is being identified as the shopping capital of the Middle East.

reasons to import gift items

Nigeria, like any other African countries, is widely known for importing gift items, as well other goods like petroleum jelly, textiles, hijabs, abayas, etc from Dubai. There are other things that are being imported from Dubai, but on a large scale and these are synthetic yarn which makes it a viable product for interested importers.

The Nigeria-Dubai Trade Relationship

Since 2009 when UAE established its embassy in Nigeria, there has been a positive diplomatic relationship between these two countries. Up and until now, the relationship between Nigeria is still very much cordial.

5 Reasons to import gift items from Dubai

There are several reasons why you will need to consider importing from Dubai if your ambition is to succeed in business expansion and growth. We have compiled a list of 4 major reasons why importing goods from Dubai will be a great idea if you want to build a successful business here in Nigeria through trade.

i. Cost of Products

The first reason is product cost.

The cost of transportation for goods from Dubai to Lagos is lower than the rate in Nigeria. So if you want to ship some high quality goods without spending too much, then consider importing them from Dubai into Lagos.

If you are looking for items that will sell well in Nigeria, then it’s worth noting that there are massive quantities for sale in Dubai. This makes it easy to source for these items in bulk and bring them into Nigeria without the fear of scarcity. You will find that there are just too many goods available in Dubai at much cheaper rates, therefore you should consider importing goods from Dubai – your goods will be well-stocked before selling in Nigeria.

ii. Quality of Products

Dubai is a major city in the UAE, so it only make sense that your items will be of good quality.

The products are manufactured locally using high-ended materials, unlike most things made in Nigeria which usually involves very low quality materials and the poor manufacturing processes.

These kinds of goods usually don’t last longer than the three month warranty period, so it is a win-win if you buy such goods in Dubai and then import them into Nigeria.

iii. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with the quality of goods. Customers will be guaranteed that they are getting their money worth when buying from your stores because they will be imported from Dubai.

Do you know that your customers already have a ‘feel’ that when they purchase foreign goods, they feel quite on the ‘high’ and it bothers on ‘QUALITY’. Products from Dubai spikes the thought of originality, and so there is a natural customer satisfaction.

So when you buy from Dubai to sell in Nigeria, you tends to create a lasting impression of a superior products and reward with lots of satisfied clients.

iv. The Potential Profit

You can easily make a fortune from importing good from Dubai into Nigeria, the only drawback is that you will have to hire someone in Dubai who will be ready to ship your items here, which is where we come in.

Contact us for more details.

We predict that importing goods from Dubai will increase in volume this December, and heavily in the early quarter of 2022, and even go beyond. More customers will start buying them because of the quality. So, it’s good to say that you should start now in preparation to ship from Dubai to Nigeria.

We are saying, if you are looking for highly profitable businesses with nearly zero risks, then consider expanding trade activities outside Nigeria by importing from Dubai.

The potential profit is huge when you import from Dubai into Nigeria. The cost of transporting goods from Dubai to Lagos through the air route is very cheap – compared to shipping them from China where majority of our imported goods come from.

You will also enjoy a massive margin when you sell these items in

v. Branding

Do you ever have a feel of comfort when you own a famous or expensive brand? Now, imagine how it feels when such a product is imported from Dubai. Excitement, sort of, right?

Now, this product turns famous and best selling especially when it solves specific problems, especially if known it is an imported product from Dubai.

So somehow, whether it is world’s best, or not, its branding takes the lead.

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NB: Importing from China or India may give you a huge headache because it usually involves a long process of shipping and other bureaucratic processes which often take weeks before the final product arrives in Nigeria. From our experience importing from Dubai, it’s fast easy and cost-effective.

If you wish to import from China or India, feel free to contact us for the best shipping consultation and guide.

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