Let’s face it, 4 out of every 10 importers have wondered if it is possible to ship a container directly to Nigeria without using freight forwarders.

Yes, no doubt, it will save you some money on your container shipping fees but don’t expect to see a profit in the end.

Here’s why:

First and foremost (and this is very important), a container full of goods must arrive in good condition before any revenue can be generated from it. Right!

The freight forwarder has the infrastructure and connections to ensure this happens.

You, on the other hand, will have to contend with customs officials, all by yourself. In many cases, there are strict measures to cross that in your struggle to clear your shipment at the port of entry you may lose a lot more than expected.

Secondly, shipping a container directly from China to Nigeria without using freight forwarders means you will be dealing with additional costs like double duties and taxes, etc. These are some of the things that your freight forwarder takes care of in order to ensure there is no loss incurred while clearing your container.

Thirdly, shipping freight containers from China to Nigeria without using freight forwarders means that in the event of unforeseen circumstances like fire or anything else you will be required to cough out more cash than expected.

A good example is if you’re importing electronics and your shipment gets destroyed because of a fire and it’s not insured (which will most probably be the case if you’re shipping directly without using freight forwarders). You will come out smelling like roses only when you have a good insurance policy.

It is common for shipments not properly followed to get missing in transit and in some cases, they can be difficult to track down. This is why many informed shippers prefer to use freight forwarders who have the contacts and can quickly locate missing shipments or get a replacement from another source if necessary.

Finally, as a general rule, shipping freight containers directly without using freight forwarders exposes you to additional risks which can lead to your shipment being delayed or even lost!

So, in emphasis, although it is possible, the trick is to know if you are ready for this. If your company can afford to lose 3 containers and still survive, then go ahead.

There are lots of things importers do not understand about shipping direct (all by yourself) – most of them don’t even know that freight forwarders exist! That’s a sad truth!

Now here is it.

1. When you use a freight forwarder, he is the one that arranges for all ports clearance. He has the right contacts and he does this on behalf of clients.

2. Freight forwarders also supervise customs clearance, they know how to clear the container within the shortest time.

3. In case your goods are seized by the port authority or if there is any misdeclaration, the freight forwarder will be involved and this is very important because he knows how to help you stay out of trouble at the port.

But there are other advantages of using freight forwarders; for instance:

1. You don’t have to find out which shipping line is going into Nigeria – it’s the job of a freight forwarder who has good contacts with shippers

2. Your cargo will be insured

3. It is not difficult to find shipping lines that are willing to ship into Nigeria (especially if you have a great relationship with your freight forwarder)

4. Freight forwarders also arrange for storage of your containers after arrival in Nigeria

Although, we know there may be more advantages, these are some of them already!

Our advice is that you try using a freight forwarder first before trying to build your network.

The simple truth is this – no one wants to be stranded with a container at the port without funds or an empty container waiting on board without knowing when it will be sent back home.

So our advice is that you contact someone who understands business and knows what he’s doing; not an agent just out there for the money!

You need a freight forwarder who understands what you are going through and will try as much as possible to help you out.

In a nutshell, shipping direct or using freight forwarders is not an issue – it only depends on how good your cargo agent or freight forwarder is! If you are considering shipping from China without using a Freight Forwarder, we strongly advise against it.

Instead, partner with a good and trustworthy Freight Forwarder that has the right connections while ensuring your container arrives safely at your final destination without any violations or delays.

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