Impact of peak seasons in Shipping

The year 2020 has been extremely eventful. From the worldwide pandemic which necessitated a compulsory total lockdown in the entire world between February and August 2020, to the current Nationwide protest in Nigeria. We’ve experienced a handful of events that are capable of disrupting activities, howbeit temporal. We hope. There is a need to deal with the impact of peak seasons in Shipping in order to have a successful experience at the end.

The peak seasons are here and there’ve been lots of concern about what it will look like in the supply chain.

The months of August, September and October are usually the busiest periods of the year, especially when it comes to freight shipping. These periods are the peak season of freight shipping in international shipping as it is with other industries.

Although the peak usually revives from July, it, however, drives into the future months and oftentimes, till December. Within these periods, retailers stock up for the holiday shopping season. Within this period, shipping companies experience an outgrowing demand and most times, this usually leaves a serious threat in attending to clients shipments without delay.

impact of peak seasons in Shipping
A significant road grid/congestion that depicts a typical effect of rush hours of the day.

In this post, we deem it appropriate to prepare you for the December rush. We are fully aware of the need to understand what to expect. So, we show you how to prepare for the peak season in international trade. Although the period is best for shopping internationally, it leaves the freight forwarders tensed as they are responsible for the shipping of purchased items to final destinations.

Knowing Shipping Cost and Expectations

It is crucial to know the cost of your shipping and expectations to be able to beat certain circumstances that may arise. You can only imagine the demand in the coming season. It will be higher considering the high rate of eCommerce growth at record-breaking levels. Within the past years

Set a Clear, Realistic Budget

With a clear, realistic budget you can identify ways to save money. From experience, peak periods in freight shipping usually come with hikes or surcharges and the year 2020 is certain to include record-breaking surcharges. So, in determining your budget, you need to put into consideration added costs in creating and executing your peak season shipping strategy.

Choose the right freight forwarder that can help scale your strategy.

In order to help you meet your expectations, you should choose a strategic freight forwarder to help you overcome the challenges that are likely to be encountered during the peak period of the year 2020 season.

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