To avoid problems during international trades, you are required to pay serious attention to every information when preparing international documents. On this note, you want to understand or know how to handle all the various shipping documents especially the parking list in import export shipment. 

What is Packing List in Import Export shipment?

A Packing List is a shipping document detailing the contents of the exported goods or container. Sometimes it also details the dimension and weight of each container. You can find it on the exterior of the container.

It is an important document used widely in international trade, which comes with the shipment, informing the concerned transportation companies of what is being transported. 

With the packing list, the proforma invoice is further checked or confirmed, that is to say, the customers involved in a shipping transaction could find out what is been shipped in connection with what appears in the proforma invoice of that shipment. 

Why is Packing List in Import Export Important?

Every shipment requires proper cross-checking to ascertain that everything information about the shipment is void of any dispute between the carrier and the exporter, especially in terms of measurement and weight of the consignment.

The packing list, being a supporting document, helps by carrying details of the type of items loaded in the container or truck, vessel or aircraft, and can be seen at a glance.

Who is responsible for the preparation of the packing list

Your Supplier! The packing list is like a guide to the Clearing and Forwarding agent, prepared by your supplier.  

Before your bill of lading and the required documentation for customs clearance is prepared, your clearing and forwarding agent would require your packing list is readily available. This will help them understand the type of shipment is been shipped.

Difference between an Invoice and the Packing List

The invoice and packing list are two very key documents in import and export shipments. They keep documents of transactions as the physical goods move from one person to another, either a physical product or financial transaction of the goods. For example, from the supplier to the shipper. But while the packing list carries the description of physical products transported, the invoice itself covers the financial transaction of the sold goods. 

What happens when Export Packing Lists are not Complete

Have you ever seen, heard or encountered delayed delivery of goods to the desired destination? 

The problem most likely comes around as a result of incomplete documentation, especially in regards to the packing list. The event of an incomplete packing list can cause serious havoc to your business. One of such is as mentioned above, and in fact, to the point of not getting paid for items exported.

To avoid this happening, the packing list should be carefully prepared by the supplier and securely glued on the body of the containers, with a watertight packet.

Roles of Individuals involved 

The individuals involved in any shipment are the importer, supplier, shipper, freight forwarder and then the customs officials. While it is the responsibility of the supplier to provide correct information/details on the parking list Customs officials at the port of entry and port of exit may use the packing list to check the cargo.

Useful information included in the packing list.

  • Shipper and consignee name, address, contact details
  • Invoice details, e.g. unique number, date, contract number, method of dispatch, type of shipment, port of loading, the port of discharge & Incoterm
  • Measurements and total Net Weight and Gross Weight of cargo
  • Vessel and voyage details
  • A detailed list of how goods are packaged and the number of packages (description)
  • Any relevant shipping marks or seal numbers used
  • Authorized Signatory company, authorized signatory, signature & stamp
  • Any other important information or special instructions related to the loading and packaging contained in the shipment
packing list in import export shipment
Sample of a Parking list

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