As part of the company’s problem-solving tendency, Bowagate Global Limited witnessed the just concluded Stakeholders/ACCI Policy Roundtable Discussion. The program was held in Abuja on Monday 29th July 2019.

The program was hosted by Policy Advocacy Centre (PAC) of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretariat (ACCI), Abuja. This was with a view to identifying operational challenges surrounding the Apapa Port and proffering long-lasting solution.

Ultimately, It promises to call the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria to recommended solutions.

Aside from the ability of Bowagate Global Limited to offer top-notch client satisfactory services, the company is also passionate about collective overall progress in the entire business setting. This apparently, is more likely to give both the company and her clients the best conducive business atmosphere.

Hence, the determination to be part of the program. The company delights in joining voice on key business challenges and consequently recommending solutions.

The program which took place on the 29th August 2019 at 10 am in Abuja, Nigeria, witnessed the presence of Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, CON., SAN (President of ACCI); and Ms. Patience Oniha (DG, Debt Management Office (DMO).

Policy Roundtable Discussion

Two key management staff of Bowagate Global in persons of Mr. Okulaja Ayodeji and Mr. Deji  Adelasoye represented the company at the ACCI Policy Roundtable Discussion. They both played important parts in the deliberation.

Members of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Nigerian Customs Service, Nigerian Port Authority, Terminal Operators, Shipping Line, Leading Customs’ Licensed Clearing Agents as well as other stakeholders, were also present at the ACCI Policy Roundtable Discussion.


One major challenge as identified at the Stakeholders’ Roundtable is the perennial Apapa traffic gridlock. The slow movement of cargoes from the port to its final destination is a big problem that requires an urgent redress. This alone is a major cause of concern, as it greatly affects Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The issues resulting from the major challenge of the Apapa Port gridlock was classified into two. They are as follows:

  1. The Micro Issues which covers Demurrage, container return charges, and cost of transportation.
  2. The Macro issues cover insufficient scanners, faulty scanners, lack of holding bay, collapsed access road, lack of intermodal framework, touting and criminalization of activities, the multiplicity of agencies, weak single window platform, non-automation of operations, etc.

The core objectives identified by various concerned bodies at the policy program was to call the attention of the Government to the following challenges;

  1. The worsening harsh business environment at the Apapa Port
  2. The increasing cost of inventories for manufacturers and an overall increase in the cost of production
  3. The multiple and unfair taxation on importers, and
  4. The increasing exit of manufacturing companies from Nigeria



The challenges caused by the gory atmosphere have gradually left an indelible deep injury on the economy’s skin. This, according to the ACCI President, comes to view with the effect the challenges have on “companies’ balance sheets, job securities as well as the possibility of causing a recession.”

It is a well-noted fact that the Nigerian economy revolves around the Lagos Ports. In situations where the port in question is voided absolute passage, there is bound to be complete halt on the business progress and consequently, the economy might face weightier falls

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Policy Roundtable Discussion

Far from personal opinion, it is a well-noted fact that the Nigerian economy revolves around the Lagos Ports. In situations where the port in question is voided absolute passage, there is bound to be a pause or a complete halt on the business progress and consequently, the economy might likely face weightier falls.


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From all indications, in order to avert further crisis in the industry, there is a need to mount pressure on the Government. The Presidency is expected to take action on the the report as would be submitted by the Stakeholders to help summon political will to address the gridlock at the Apapa Port for ease of operation.The Federal Government is expected to treat the recommendations which the Stakeholders came up with, as a matter of urgency.

Policy Roundtable Discussion

Bowagate Global will continue to express her interest in maintaining positive impacts in all ramifications.

The company will continue to fight the good course, regardless of the dilapidated state of the Port. She will continue to offer guaranteed time-definite and day-definite freight delivery based on clients shipment’s destination.

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