Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Management

Regarding our Cold Chain Management service, we have achieved tremendous success in handling diagnostic biological samples and clinical trial supplies, thanks to our expert team and meticulous attention to packaging and refrigeration. Our tailored approach ensures the safe transportation of sensitive medical and pharmaceutical shipments.

As a logistics company that offers first-class logistic services in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, we also deliver refrigerated food via Airfreight Shipping from any part of the world with the confidence to assure our growing client-base a consistent maximum satisfaction.

Cold Chain Management

We understand the devastating impact of shipment loss due to weather conditions and are committed to protecting your refrigerated shipments.

Our international shipping services cater to highly regulated industries, including fruits, food and beverages, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, seafood, ice cream, and chemicals, at specific temperature ranges.

With a vast network of freight forwarders, our logistics experts can handle shipments to and from Nigeria, ensuring the best care for your goods based on urgency and fragility. We oversee every phase of transportation, utilizing a range of domestic transport partners to guarantee the arrival of your perishable products in perfect condition.

Bowagate Global LTD


Quality Services at Affordable Costs:

We have earned a reputation for providing excellent services at extremely reasonable costs, ensuring efficiency in air freight transportation.


Global Reach

Through our international partners, we offer solutions to major global destinations worldwide, making us your reliable partner for international air shipping.


End to End Reach

We handle all shipping essentials, including pick-up, packing, crating, marking, labeling, stacking, unloading, and provide warehousing facilities as per customer needs.

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