Shipping from Vietnam to Nigeria

Import from Vietnam - Do you have plans to import from Vietnam to Nigeria?

We understand that Vietnam's economy is largely dependent on state-owned industries such as textiles, food, furniture, plastics, and paper as well as tourism and telecommunications.

Apart from these, they are also top in the exportation of Electronics, electric machinery, and equipment, apparel, textiles products, industrial machinery, fruits and nuts, leather goods, fish and iron and steel, footwear products, transportation products, wooden products, seafood products, steel, crude oil, pepper, rice, and coffee.

BOWA-GATE GLOBAL particularly offers time-saving, cost-effective service solutions for manufacturers, contractors, industries as well as merchandises in Nigeria, to ship from Vietnam to Nigeria, suppliers of production machinery, oversized equipment, tractors, and several other items both for personal and business need.

We deliver packages to Nigeria from Vietnam's major markets to Lagos Airport (NAHCO & SAHCOL).

Our freight services for Vietnam Freight to Nigeria include -

  • Advisory support to Importer
  • Pick up from Supplier/manufacturer warehouses
  • Receive shipment from Vietnam's supplier/manufacturer in our facility
  • Export documentation
  • Book shipment for a flight with reliable Airline
  • Delivery to Airline
  • Clear cargo through Vietnam customs
  • Form M processing
  • PAAR processing, etc.
freight shipping from china to nigeria

Shipping from Vietnam to Nigeria – Air Freight Shipping from Vietnam by Bowagate Check here for the full list of countries we currently import from to any part of Nigeria.


Our vast experience in shipping from that region has got us an edge in the business.

We do freight Shipping from Vietnam to Nigeria by Air or Sea, do Professional Customs clearing/brokerage & cargo Delivery Services from Vietnam to Nigeria as well as Export to Vietnam.

Bowa-Gate Global Limited helps any client who has shipments in Vietnam to ship in Packages of all capacity, e.g. Groupage, Consolidation, or Direct.


Air Freight Shipping from Vietnam to Nigeria

Get a cheaper shipping service via Air freight forwarding service running regular Air cargo by Air Express, Air consolidation & Pallet goods.

In emphasis, whether all you have is a single package/carton or a full aircraft charter, we have the solutions you deserve. With the supports of our international partners, we have the capacity to offer solutions to over 184 countries of the world.

We are specialists in Form M and PAAR processing, Customs Clearing, Air Freight Consolidation, Air Freight by Express Delivery (Parcel, Package, Item), Air Freight Shipping for Palletized Cargo (General Cargo and Dangerous Goods), Air Import Documentation, Air Export Documentation, Pick up from Supplier and Delivery to Airline,

Our Air Freight Shipping also Includes Door to Door Delivery, Import & Export services globally, Part or full charter options, Full customs clearing capabilities, Emergency relief/response solutions, Air / Road / Sea combined solutions, High visibility via daily tracking reports

Our mission at Bowa-Gate Global Limited is to create measurable value for our stakeholders while serving our customers, our team members, and our community. Our company is an award-winning Logistics Company in Lagos Nigeria for her long years of excellent Customs Clearance services.

We have a mission to create measurable value for our stakeholders while serving our customers, our team members and our community.

Our company is an award-winning Logistics Service Company in Lagos Nigeria with long years (25) of excellent Customs Clearance services,  professional Air & Sea Freight forwarding, Cargo Shipping to Nigeria, and Customs Clearing.

We are just one call away from you. Contact Bowa-Gate Global Limited for all Vietnam shipping-related inquiries and questions.

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Our Solutions

Air Freight Consol

Cost-effective method of air transport for non-time-sensitive cargo, with a lesser range of flight dates available.

Faster air services including chartered flights offer more immediate delivery of your goods.

We offer you a dependable and fast delivery of smaller shipments door to door.