Need Other Value Added Services?

Our mission at BowaGate Global Limited is to create measurable value for our stakeholders while serving our customers.

Due to constantly changing consumer behaviours, we tend to go beyond just moving your cargoes from Point A to Point B.

In order to achieve a flexible supply chain, as experienced freight forwarders, we offer to provide value-added services above and beyond just making your Shipping experience a success.

We go as far as rendering customs clearance services, door deliveries, or repackaging, which though are a major aspect of our business, yet considered a value-added service.

We offer to add finish touches to our orders and make your cargo ready for boarding and unboarding. We create other types of services such as

  • Freight related services: cargo insurance, customs bonds, customs clearance, document printing, special deliveries etc
  • Warehousing: storage of your products in bulk or as finished goods, inventory management, order management, etc.
  • Assembly, kitting, and packaging services: the assembly of products, picking and packing, changing packaging, labelling, material purchasing.
  • Free Consultancy

Feel free to talk with one of our Representatives about the exact value-added service you need. We guarantee you a life-changing experience with our customs clearing services in alignment with your goals.

Our Solutions

Tackling safety, environmental regulations & transportation of dangerous goods.

We specialise in covered car transport, enclosed car transport and international car transport.

We offer you a dependable and fast delivery of smaller shipments door to door.