Cold Chain Logistics

When it comes to Cold Chain Packaging, Transportation, Distribution, Shipping and Management, we hold high confidence in handling them. We ensure 100% integrity in all types of Cold Chain Logistics.

air freight

So far, the outcome we've had from handling diagnostic biological samples and clinical trial supplies has been tremendously successful as we have experts handling the entire process. We have ascertained proper packaging and refrigeration in order to ensure that the integrity of your temperature-controlled shipments remains intact.

We have a tailored approach to the transportation of sensitive medical and pharmaceutical shipments.

As a logistics company that offers first-class logistic services in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, we also deliver refrigerated food via Airfreight Shipping from any part of the world with the confidence to assure our growing client-base a consistent maximum satisfaction.

There are few things more devastating than a shipment that is lost to the elements. We know how to protect your refrigerated shipments from been damaged due to any given weather circumstances.

Our commitment to your shipping needs is what matters to us. We know full well the devastation such incidents of damage bring not only to us but also to you as our customer.

We offer international shipping of temperature-controlled distribution chain used in highly regulated industries such as fruits (like oranges, pineapples, potatoes etc), food and beverage, frozen food (Frozen beef, poultry, pork, cakes and bread which must stay between -10° and -20°C), pharmaceuticals, seafood, ice cream and other items as well as chemicals or any chilled products at a temperature between 2° and 8°C ⁠— or 36° to 46°F ⁠— or at even lower temperatures ranging down to -70°C or -85°F.

We have a huge network of freight forwarders at all major ports. Our logistics experts can handle any type of shipment to Nigeria or from Nigeria to any part of the world.

We can ensure that your goods receive the best possible care depending on how urgent their arrival is and their fragility. Our experts handle all phases of transporting your refrigerated shipments from door to door using a range of domestic transport partners. That means we’ll select the most suitable mode for each individual delivery, so you can be sure that every one of your perishable products will arrive in perfect condition and ready to be used or sold.


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Our Solutions

Air Freight Consol

Cost-effective method of air transport for non-time-sensitive cargo, with a lesser range of flight dates available.

Faster air services including chartered flights offer more immediate delivery of your goods.

We offer you a dependable and fast delivery of smaller shipments door to door.